Donald Trump Vice President Odds for the Presidential Election

A Look at the Donald Trump Vice President Odds for Presidential Election

Written by on May 12, 2016

With billionaire businessman Donald Trump a virtual lock to win the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2016 U.S. presidential election, there has been a lot of speculation regarding who he will pick as his Vice President and we have the complete US presidential odds on whose Trump’s VP pick will be. In a recent interview with USA Today, Trump admitted that he would consider some of his presidential rivals as possible running mates, but that’s all we know at this point about the presumptive Republican VP nominee.

A Look at the Donald Trump Vice President Odds for Presidential Election

If Donald Trump is Elected President, Who Will be His VP?

The vice-presidential pick is closely watched in part because it’s one of the first opportunities for presidential candidates to demonstrate their decision-making skills under the national spotlight and emphasize the kind of characteristics they value in those who would serve in their administration. The most famous VP pick in recent history was John McCain’s choice of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Barack Obama picked Joe Biden in 2008 to burnish his foreign policy credentials. Mitt Romney opted for Wisconsinite Paul Ryan in 2012 to appeal to mid-western voters and inject some youthful vigour into his campaign.

But Who Will be Trump’s pick?

While Ohio Governor John Kasich and former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich are considered 7/2 co-favorites to be Trump’s VP choice, there are several more intriguing possibilities to become the second-most powerful person in the country behind the millionaire mogul. Among them is future Hall of Fame quarterback from the four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who is currently suspended for the first four games of the NFL season following his role in the Deflategate scandal. He was also seen with a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ cap in his locker and has admitted to a close friendship with the billionaire. Could Brady take his time off and use it to help campaign for Trump as his running mate? Las Vegas NFL oddsmakers have Brady as a 150/1 longshot along with former Red Sox ace & former ESPN analyst Curt Schilling and current Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan. Schilling, the three-time World Series-winning pitcher, was fired from his job as an analyst with ESPN on April 20 after sharing an anti-transgender post on his Facebook page. Since Schilling is now out of work and has shown a strong affinity for Trump’s positions, he too could be spending more of his time campaigning on Trump’s behalf. Ryan might be the better choice since he has publically endorsed Trump and even introduced the GOP presidential hopeful at a New York rally. Who do you think will earn the Vice Presidential nominations for the Republican Party? Are any candidates offering value? Here’s a look at the contenders and the odds as published by BEN CARSON: +1800 BOBBY JINDAL: +7000 BRIAN SANDOVAL: +4800 CARLY FIORINA: +4800 CHRIS CHRISTIE: +900 JEB BUSH: +9000 JOHN KASICH: +350 JOHN THUNE: +1800 MARCO RUBIO: +900 PAUL RYAN: +4800 RAND PAUL: +9000 RICK PERRY: +3800 SARAH PALIN: +900 SCOTT WALKER: +2800 SUSANA MARTINEZ: +750 JEFF SESSIONS: +900 NEWT GINGRICH: +350 RUDY GIULIANI: +4800 TIM SCOTT: +3300 TREY GOWDY: +4800 BILL HASLAM: +4800 CHARLIE BAKER: +4800 KURT SCHILLING: +15000 TOM BRADY: +15000 REX RYAN: +15000 BOB COCKER: +1300 CONDOLEEZZA RICE: +5800 JAN BREWER: +1300 JONI ERNST: +1800 MARY FALLIN: +1800 RICK SCOTT: +2800