2015 Cy Young Award Online Betting Favorites

Posted by Alex Murphy on Monday,July 13, 2015 1:47, EDT in

We are right in the middle of the All-Star Break, which usually means it’s time to reflect upon what went down in the first half of the season. That said, it’s also fun to look ahead at what is to come in the second half, and that includes predicting which pitchers will walk away with the Cy Young award at the end of the year. There are a bunch of guys who have their hats tossed in the ring right now, so let’s take a look at the potential online betting favorites.

Closer Analysis on the 2015 Cy Young Award Online Betting Favorites

In the American League, there are a couple of guys that immediately jump right off the stats page. The favorite at the moment has to be Dallas Keuchel (11-4, 2.23 ERA) of the Houston Astros. His 11 wins tie him for the most with Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners, but Keuchel is way ahead of him in every other major stat. Keuchel has more innings pitched (137.1) than anyone else, and is second in the number of earned runs (34) given up among the guys who are in Cy Young contention. His biggest rival for the pitching crown at the halfway stage has to be Sonny Gray (10-3, 2.04 ERA) of the Oakland A’s. The performance of Gray is all the more impressive when you consider that the A’s already look to be out of playoff contention.

It is going to be interesting to see if he can continue his torrid pace in the second half if things continue to go south in Oakland. If you see overpowering displays as being one of the top attributes of a Cy Young winner, then you have to add Chris Archer (9-6, 2.74 ERA) of Tampa Bay an Chris Sale (8-4, 2.72 ERA) of the Chicago White Sox into the mix. Sale has 157 K’s this year, while Archer has whiffed 147 batters. These two guys are on the fringes right now, but if they can lower their ERA’s in the second half, they might have a shot.

The National League Cy Young battle looks to be a 3-horse race at the halfway stage of the season. Gerrit Cole (13-3, 2.30 ERA) looks to be the leader at the moment, as you simply cannot ignore that many wins, plus he has the ERA to match. Cole falls well short of the total innings pitched (132) by Max Scherzer (10-7, 2.11 ERA) of the Washington Nationals, and you can argue that it’s those 3 extra wins that have him ahead. The pitcher that is making up the top 3 right now is the one that is probably the hottest hand in baseball right now. Zach Grienke (8-2, 1.39 ERA) has a scoreless streak that extends 5 games and a ridiculous 35.2 innings. If Grienke can continue to roll like this in the second half, he could post an ERA that is impossible to beat.