MLB Betting Odds on Texas Rangers Winning a Wild Card Spot

Posted by Alex Murphy on Sunday,August 30, 2015 7:39, EDT in

The Texas Rangers started with a miserable run, and then they went on a terrific tear and almost took first place away from the Houston Astros.

Then, they went into a tailspin and almost fell back down to last place in the American League West.

Now, as all online betting fans know, they sit in the second wild card position, four games back of the Astros.

A Look at the MLB Betting Odds on Texas Rangers Winning a Wild Card Spot

So which team will finish the rest of the season? This is a team with a run differential that says they should be well below .500, but they’re not. Their offense is nice, some of the time, but it’s not scary by any means. Their rotation sputters and sparks, and their bullpen can be devastating – but you can never predict which team the bullpen will victimize, the opposition or the home side, on any given night.

Even so, with under 40 games left in the season, the team has won 9 of the last 12 games and are in that second wild card position. This just a year after losing 95 games. Their ace, Yu Darvish, hasn’t played a game this season because of another season-ending injury. However, the team is, at least for now, a legitimate contender for the postseason this year.

Designated hitter Prince Fielder told Dallas Morning News reporter Gerry Fraley, “We definitely believe in that. We’re trying to stay focused and not let it get away from us.”

One decision that may help the Rangers was trading for Phillies lefthander Cole Hamels on the trade deadline at the end of July. On July 31, they were 50-52 and, while they were only three games out of that second wild card, there were four teams in front of them. While Hamels has not been the dominating starter yet that the Rangers are expecting, the move itself has galvanized the team. Many saw it more as a move for 2016, when Yu Darvish is expected to return. Few expected the team to respond so quickly, and to catch fire in the hottest months of the summer.

As for the rest of the Rangers pitching staff, their ERA is still a dreadful 4.39, even as well as the team has played lately. This is why it is Hamels’ job to go out and post as many zeroes on the board as he can with each start. His job is to give the team a lot of innings so that the bullpen, which doesn’t need any more exposure than absolutely necessary, doesn’t get expended night in and night out.

There have been some highlights on offense. Shin-Soo Choo signed a big deal before the 2014 season and then was a disappointment last year. In 2015, he has picked his game up a bit. Mitch Moreland has come out of nowhere for a career season. Prince Fielder is also having a strong campaign, after missing just about all of 2014 for neck surgery.

So don’t write the Rangers off just yet. After all, the wild card game is just nine innings, which is really a toss-up. After that…well, you saw what the Royals did last year.