Online MLB Betting Predictions on the Yankees Postseason

Posted by Alex Murphy on Tuesday,August 11, 2015 6:36, EDT in

In a clear sign that George Steinbrenner’s philosophy no longer governs the management of the New York Yankees, they came out of the no-waiver trade deadline without picking up another starting pitcher for their rotation. The Yanks have been much better than people expected, thanks to their bullpen and the renaissance of Alex Rodriguez. They currently lead the American League East, but the fact that Toronto – and not New York – picked up the best available pitcher on the trade market in David Price shows that things have certainly changed in the Big Apple. Let’s look at the Yankees’ prospects as the 2015 online betting postseason gets closer.

Taking a Closer Look at the Online MLB Betting Predictions on the Yankees Postseason

Ironically, one of the Yankees’ biggest icons has also been a reason for their malaise. Starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia only has a 4-8 record with a mammoth 5.54 ERA. This giant lefthander used to dominate batters throughout each at-bat, but it’s fairly clear that he no longer has that dominance. While the Yankees could hang on to the division title with Sabathia in the rotation, his starts could end up being what costs them if the Blue Jays pass them.

No matter what happens on the pitching front, look for Mark Teixeira to lead the American League in home runs for the 2015 campaign. He has been sitting right on Mike Trout and Albert Pujols’ heels for the majority of the season, but look for those two to slow down as the Angels’ playoff hopes dim. Instead, look for Teixiera to continue another amazing season.

And what about Alex Rodriguez? No one knew how he would play now that he is 40 years old and spent a year suspended. So far, his 2015 season has been nothing but excellent on the field. Even better, he is showing an attitude that puts the team first with a great deal of humility, which is even more a surprise than anything he would be doing with his bat. If his body can stand the test of the long season, A-Rod could have another shocking postseason.

Another exciting story is Luis Severino, one of the best starting pitcher prospects the Yankees have had in years. His debut in the major leagues led to a loss, but his ceiling is still sky-high. In the minors this season, he had a 9-2 record with a 2.45 ERA. Look for his numbers at the major league level to be impressive as well.

So many of the players in New York are playing close to their ceiling that it will really depend on how they can sustain that when it comes to asking whether the Yankees can win the division. The Blue Jays’ addition of David Price means that they have an advantage in the rotation, but they still have to catch the Yankees. If the team can continue to play well on a consistent basis, the Blue Jays will have to go through a huge rally. There are just too many variables, though, that the Yankees have to satisfy to match this pace. I see them slipping into a wild card spot and the Blue Jays leapfrogging them for the division.