What Will The MLB Odds Be For The All Star Game?

Posted by Alex Murphy on Tuesday,June 30, 2015 5:14, EDT in

When you talk about All-Star Games, you are usually met with a roll of the eyes by true fans of the sport. The NFL, NHL, and NBA put on games that are really nothing more than a boring exhibition game, but the MLB did things a little differently by making the game worth something. The conference that wins it will have their team representative get home field advantage in the World Series, so things tend to be a little more businesslike in this game. The 2015 version of the All-Star Game will be held at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on July 14th, expect some great MLB odds and prop bets for this game.

What Will The MLB Odds Be For The All Star Game?



While there are still some votes to be counted, it looks as though Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals will deservedly get the start for the NL. The one position that has opened up is in the outfield, with Giancarlo Stanton going down with a hand injury for 4-6 weeks. That is likely to make a lot of sluggers taking part in the Home Run Derby a little relieved, as Stanton has been cranking them out with stunning regularity this season. The NL will likely have Paul Goldschmidt at first base, and Dee Gordon at second. There is a battle for the third base spot, with Matt Carpenter and Todd Frazier in a race that is too close to call. The top vote getter at last count was Bryce Harper, which is not really a major surprise given how good he has been for the Nationals all season long.

On the American League side, it is beginning to look as though the Kansas City Royals might well be making up the majority of the team. Alcides Escobar is the top vote getter at shortstop, while Salvador Perez is running away with the votes for catcher. The Royals have a number of other players in the second or third spot in most of the major positions. Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon are two and three behind Mike Trout of the Angels, who has amassed over 11 million votes to this point. Miguel Cabrera (Tigers), Omar Infante (Royals), and Josh Donaldson (Blue Jays) are holding the leads at first, second, and third base, respectively. It looks as though it’s going to be a battle between Chris Sale and Chris Archer for the starting pitcher role in the AL.

There is still time for things to change and injuries to occur, so we will hold off making any sort of predictions until closer to the game. Keep checking back for more MLB All-Star Game updates.

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