Top World Series Online Betting Props for this Season

Posted by Alex Murphy on Wednesday,May 20, 2015 6:46, EDT in

Thanks to the savvy MLB online betting analysis we do here (and of course a select analysis done by our fellow analysts out there), MLB bettors are reportedly getting smarter by the day and racking up increased profits. As a result, most sportsbooks are increasingly getting the shorter end of the stick, in regards to profits racked up from wagers placed on MLB games. For example, the Nevada Sportsbooks held a measly 2.95 percent of the $722 million wagered on the MLB online betting lines in 2014, marking their lowest hold percentage since the 2004 baseball season. In addition, the $21.29 million profit made by Nevada last year was the smallest profit margin since 2011, while it also marked a 26.7 percent decrease from the profits made 2013.

Entering the 2015 MLB season, the trend isn’t looking any different and, as I am sure most of the bettors here would attest, it has been a pretty reward-full ride since the MLB betting lines actively opened one month ago. Going by statistics collected from the major sportsbooks so far this season, most money has been wagered on the Cubs, Mariners, Nationals, Dodgers Giants and Cardinals to win the 2015 World Series (in the category of favorites), while the San Diego Padres, Mets and Twins have been the hottest long-shot commodities in the 2015 World Series Odds. With the season still at its infancy stages, more activity is expected in the coming months, as the MLB season grows into a full-blown betting haven, according to data collected and analyzed by several stats and odds sites.

Top World Series Online Betting Props for this Season



Of course, a good number of bets have also been wagered on the 2015 MLB Odds to win the titles for the various divisions in the Major League, with the NL East Division, NL Central and witnessing the heaviest betting activity. But as interesting trend, one that wasn’t expected this early in the season, there is an increased interest by bettors on the best prop bets for the World Series in 2015. Usually, the prop bets often come late in the season when the teams meeting in the finals are confirmed. In the bid to satiate this need, we’ve combed through the most-wagered-on prop bets from the last couple of seasons, and then using the findings from the trends, we’ve compiled a list of the top prop bets to lookout for this season, and in future seasons as well:

1. Will a Pitcher win the World Series MVP?
2. Will a Hitter win the World Series MVP?
3. How many games in the World Series will go to extra innings?
4. Will any game in the World Series end on a Walkoff hit?
5. Will any game in the World Series end on a Walkoff home run?
6. What is the total number of home runs that will be scored by Team A and Team B in the World Series?
7. Will there be a Grand Slam in the World Series?
8. Will Any Game in the World Series End in a Shutout?
9. Which Player will have Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s in the World Series?
10. How many games will team A/B take to win the World Series?

Other World Series Prop Bets You Can Bet On

• How many strikeouts will be recorded by player A, B, C?
• Which Team will have a lower/higher Bullpen ERA?
• Which Team will Record More Errors?
• Which Team will lead after 1 game, 2 games, 3 games etc?
• Which Team will score the highest number of runs?
• How many calls will get overturned after replay in the World Series?

In the course of the season, many online sportsbooks, including will be releasing the odds for the above-mentioned prop bets, so be sure to check with us, and we will keep you updated on all that, and much more.