Sep 16 College Hoops Odds Rumors Of The Week

Sep 16 College Hoops Odds Rumors Of The Week

Written by Alex Murphy on Wednesday,September 16, 2015 12:02, EDT

With Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari recently entering the Basketball Hall of Fame, NCAA basketball betting fans might expect all of the places where Calipari has been on the bench to honor him. The University of Memphis had announced earlier in the week that they would be honoring Calipari, who led the Tigers from 2000-2009. This announcement led to widespread anger throughout the university community, which led to university president Dr. M. David Rudd announcing that the honor would not be taking place. Here is Dr. Rudd’s statement:

Why are the Tigers’ fans so upset? John Calipari did take Memphis to the Final Four in 2008, but the NCAA vacated those results as a result of the scandal surrounding Derrick Rose and the SAT. Many Memphis fans remain upset about that blow to the school’s reputation.

Other Sep 16 College Hoops Odds Rumors Of The Week

Draymond Green elevated from being a role player on a frequent also-ran in the NBA to a major cog in the machine that was the Golden State Warriors, who won the NBA title in 2014-15. The Warriors showed their recognition for his contributions by inking him to a five-year deal worth $82 million this past summer. Now he has given $3.1 million of that to his alma mater, Michigan State. His reasoning was that his time at Michigan State, playing under legendary coach Tom Izzo, gave him the skills he needed to prosper in the NBA. $1 million of the donation funds a new strength facility, a grand entrance to the Jack Breslin Student Events Centre and a recruiting center.The remainder will fund an endowment that will give proceeds to the men’s basketball program. There has been a lot of mourning of late for Iowa fans.

Last week, Tyler Sash, a former Hawkeye star on the gridiron, passed away at the young age of 27. A few days later, former basketball Roy Marble passed away after battling cancer for a year – at the age of 48. He remains the leading scorer in Iowa basketball history. The team released a six-minute tribute video in the memory of Roy Marble.

Finally, don’t you hate how when you stub your toe, that awful second passes between the impact and when the pain hits your brain? Former Louisville guard Kevin Ware is right there with you. You might remember when Ware suffered a compound fracture playing Duke in the Elite Eight in 2013. At the time, his tibia was sticking out of his body. However, it looks like his tolerance for pain did not rise with his recovery.