Weekly Revised Top 25 College Hoops Rankings

Weekly Revised Top 25 College Hoops Rankings

Written by on January 26, 2015

One of the high points of any Monday afternoon is the release of the updated Top 25 rankings in college basketball. While this is no indication of how teams are going to finish the season, or how they are going to perform in the tournament, it’s still great for fans to see where their team stands versus the rest of the nation. It’s also a good way to get some bragging rights, if only for the next seven days. Going into the NCAA Basketball Odds Week 12 rankings, there were a few results that may have played a role in how the Top 10 in particular played out. The continued dominance of Kentucky and Virginia mean that the top 2 would stay the same, but what about elsewhere?

Weekly Revised Top 25 College Hoops Rankings

Big Moves In Top 10

One team that took a hit, as expected, was Villanova. Their loss to Georgetown saw them drop from number 4 all the way down to number 7 in the Week 12 rankings. The Arizona Wildcats took a little step forward, moving into the #6 spot, while Kansas edged their way into the Top 10, coming in at #9. The team that the Jayhawks replaced were the Iowa State Cyclones, who dropped out of the top 10 after a loss to Texas Tech last week.

Kentucky And Virginia Continue To Dominate

The Kentucky Wildcats are continuing to dominate, and it has been their defense that has licked into high gear in the past few games. They are now 19-0, and show no real signs of going into a slump. Virginia are hot on their heels, as they too remain unbeaten. What has been particularly impressive about their season so far is the way they have torn through a very good ACC Conference to this point. That said, they could very well lose their #2 ranking if they fall to Duke, with the Blue Devils then likely to tuck in behind the Wildcats. The Virginia/Duke showdown this coming Saturday is one that everyone is waiting for with baited breath.

Staying Put

Gonzaga is, as always, in the mix, and look the most likely of them all to run the table through to the end of the season. Wisconsin maintains top spot in the Big 10, as well as a number 5 spot in the AP rankings after narrowly getting by Michigan over the weekend. The Top 10 has pretty much featured the same teams all season, and cracking into it at this stage is going to be tough.

The complete Top 25 NCAA Basketball Teams List:

1 Kentucky (64) Record: 19-0 Points: 1,624 2 Virginia (1) Record: 19-0 Points: 1,561 3 Gonzaga Record:20-1 Points:1,476 4 Duke Record: 17-2 Points:1,402 5 Wisconsin Record: 18-2 Points:1,351 6 Arizona Record: 18-2 Points:1,300 7 Villanova Record: 18-2 Points:1,187 8 Notre Dame Record: 19-2 Points:1,139 9 Kansas Record: 16-3 Points:1,120 10 Louisville Record: 16-3 Points:1,027 11 Utah Record: 16-3 Points:996 12 Wichita St Record: 18-2 Points:893 13 North Carolina Record: 16-4 Points:878 14 Virginia Commonwealth Record: 16-3 Points:734 15 Iowa State Record: 14-4 Points:719 16 Maryland Record: 18-3 Points:715 17 West Virginia Record: 16-3 Points:558 18 Northern Iowa Record: 18-2 Points:440 19 Texas Record: 14-5 Points:431 20 Baylor Record: 15-4 Points:407 21 Georgetown Record: 14-5 Points:334 22 Indiana Record: 15-5 Points:165 23 Miami (FL) Record: 14-5 Points:164 24 Oklahoma Record: 12-7 Points:90 25 Butler Record: 15-6 Points:70