2018 NFL Draft Betting Preview & Prediction

Posted by Henry Watkins on Thursday,April 26, 2018 4:04, EDT in

There are some football fans who believe that the new season begins once players start reporting for OTA’s, but for many, it is the NFL Draft that signals the start of the new year. According to the latest NFL Draft props, the one player most likely to take that dramatic drop down the draft order might well be former Wyoming QB Josh Allen, as it was revealed this morning that a series of potentially racist Tweets were on his Twitter feed from a few years back. We live in sensitive times, and his stock may drop as a result of those old Tweets.

NFL Betting Preview & Prediction for 2018 Draft

  • When: April 26–28, 2018
  • Where: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
  • TV: ESPN/ABC, ESPN2, Fox/NFL Network
  • Live Stream: NFL League Pass

Top 10 NFL Draft Teams (First Round)

  • 1-Cleveland Browns
  • 2-New York Giants
  • 3-New York Jets
  • 4-Cleveland Browns
  • 5-Denver Broncos
  • 6-Indianapolis Colts
  • 7-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 8-Chicago Bears
  • 9-San Francisco 49ers
  • 10-Oakland Raiders

Best & Worst NFL Picks Based on the 2018 Schedule

Top NFL Draft Betting Prospects

  • 1-Saquon Barkley – RB
  • 2-Bradley Chubb – DE
  • 3-Quenton Nelson – OG
  • 4-Denzel Ward – CB
  • 5-Sam Darnold – QB
  • 6-Tremaine Edmunds – LB
  • 7-Minkah Fitzpatrick – S
  • 8-Roquan Smith – LB
  • 9-Derwin James – S
  • 10-Josh Rosen – QB

Who Gets Drafted First?

To no-one’s great surprise, the Cleveland Browns will once again be the first team on the clock. In season’s past, they have traded away their top pick, dropping them down the draft order in the process. That has proven to be a bad strategy for them, as it ended up costing them a shot at Carson Wentz and DeShaun Watson, both of whom have turned into legitimate NFL starting QB’s. With a very nice selection of QB’s to choose from, the Browns are not likely to make the same mistake again, so look for them to stay at the top of the draft board.

The question now is in regards who they will select. At the end of the college football season, Sam Darnold from USC appeared to be the front-runner, with the Brown expressing an interest in drafting the young man. If you believe that Darnold will indeed be the top pick overall, you can make that wager, getting the USC Trojan man at betting odds of +100.

While all the early talk was about Darnold, a new NFL Draft  favorite has emerged as the potential first pick in the 2018 NFL draft. There were some concerns about the behavior and antics of Baker Mayfield in his time with the Oklahoma Sooners, but it would appear that the young man has impressed in the combine and in conversations with teams interested in acquiring his services.

He looks like a guy ready to step into an NFL team and start right away, which also helps a team like the Browns, who have just 1 win in their last 2 seasons. I think it will be Mayfield who goes first at odds of -250.

What if the Browns Trade Away Their #1 Pick?

While this would be viewed by most as a monumental error, this is the Cleveland Browns we are talking about. This is a team with a history of making bad decisions, so you never know.

Bayker Mayfield is getting stronger at the NFL Betting Odds to be selected No. 1.


The Browns have another pick at #4, which they got in a trade with the Houston Texans. The assumption is that the Giants, who pick #2, may be interested in Darnold, while the Jets at #3 also want a QB. Again, in this scenario, trading away the top pick seems like an awful move.

If someone does slide in and make them an offer they cannot refuse, then look for Saquon Barkley (+1000), the best running back in the draft, to perhaps go #1. Is nothing changes with the teams picking first, Barkley may slide in at #2, going to the Giants.