Football Betting Review: Ranking the NFL’s Quarterbacks, 1-32

Posted by Mila Anderson on Friday,July 10, 2015 3:48, EDT in

Now that the NFL’s training camps are approaching, it’s time online betting fans think about how the various teams stack up at the quarterback position.


Matt-Cassel#32 Matt Cassel (or EJ Manuel or Tyrod Taylor)

Or whoever the Bills send out there.

Robert-Griffin-III#31 Robert Griffin III

Less mobility combined with field reading and mechanics that are still poor.

Marcus-Mariota#30 Marcus Mariota

Sure, he’s accurate, but he’s about to get clobbered.

Josh-McCown#29 Josh McCown

Yes, he’s athletic and he can stand in the pocket. But he’s never led an offense through a season.

Brian-Hoyer#28 Brian Hoyer

He can throw well on the run, but he’s easy to figure out when you watch the tape.

geno-smith#27 Geno Smith

His decision making has been awful. It’s possible to fix, but he still needs pocket toughness too.

Jameis-Winston#26 Jameis Winston

He has the skills, but he has to show that he can use them in the NFL.

Blake-Bortles#25 Blake Bortles

He’s a terrific athlete and could jump up this list if the Jacksonville Jaguars can block.

Nick-Foles#24 Nick Foles

Very methodical, but he could manage a ball control scheme well.

Teddy-Bridgewater#23 Teddy Bridgewater

What will he do when the Vikings open up the offense?

sam-bradford#22 Sam Bradford

A real wild card given all of his knee woes. He does have the accuracy for a spread scheme.

Colin-Kaepernick#21 Colin Kaepernick

Decision making is a concern, but he has the physical tools for the position.

andy-dalton#20 Andy Dalton

Just spin that roulette wheel.

Alex-Smith#19 Alex Smith

He’s more mobile than you think, but he is a game manager.

Derek-Carr#18 Derek Carr

Could the Raiders have found their first franchise quarterback since Rich Gannon…or Jim Plunkett?

jay-cutler#17 Jay Cutler

On the field his gifts are significant. However, he makes mistakes by the bushel, and he’s not a leader.

Ryan-Tannehill#16 Ryan Tannehill

A terrific pure passer and more athletic than you might think.

cam-newton#15 Cam Newton

He can make amazing throws – for both teams.

carson-palmer#14 Carson Palmer

If he can return to his 2014 form, watch out.

Matthew-Stafford#13 Matthew Stafford

No one has a better arm, and he’s finally learning discipline.

Russell-Wilson#12 Russell Wilson

He has unique skills … And unique limitations.

matt-ryan#11 Matt Ryan

He’s finally playing well on the move, but he still has a reputation for losing in the playoffs.

eli-manning#10 Eli Manning

He has the skins on the wall as a field general, and he can put balls through small windows.

joe-flacco#9 Joe Flacco

He might have the league’s strongest arm, and his playoff run in 2012 was simply incredible.

tony-romo#8 Tony Romo

He’s become much more consistent and has an amazing line in front of him.

drew-brees#7 Drew Brees

The results haven’t been there, and his physical skills are on the decline, but no one is a better pure porgression passer.

philip-rivers#6 Philip Rivers

No one looks better dropping back and passing from the pocket.

Ben-Roethlisberger#5 Ben Roethlisberger

He’s still talented, and now he knows how to lead a team down the field.

peyton-manning#4 Peyton Manning

His game has always been more cerebral, but his skills are still all there.

aaron-rodgers#3 Aaron Rodgers

He’s physically gifted and also highly intelligent.

andrew-luck#2 Andrew Luck

No one extends plays in the pocket better.

tom-brady#1 Tom Brady

Given the lack of talent that’s been around him, no quarterback has done more in this era.

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