2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 13

2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 13

Written by on July 21, 2016

It’s been a long hard road to get to this point in the season, and there will be a lot of teams who are officially eliminated from playoff contention at this point. There are also going to be a bunch who are still in a divisional or Wild Card fight, so we can expect to see a lot of big match-ups in the final few weeks. There are a lot of good games on the schedule for Week 13, but there are also a couple that have the look of being pretty lopsided. As I have been doing in this NFL parlay picks series, I will pick a couple very likely winners, as well as a road team that might get good online NFL betting odds, and one selection that is a little bit on the iffy side. That latter one will also likely be at very good odds, but is one that should be added to the ticket at your discretion. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at my 4 picks for NFL Week 13.

In Depth Analysis On The 2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 13


Patriots over Rams

When you look at the QB match-up in this one, you see that it’s slanted very heavily in the favor of the New England Patriots. We all know what Tom Brady can do, but we have yet to find out what Jared Goff is going to bring to the pro game. There is a definite sense that Todd Gurley is going to be the work horse for LA this year, and teams are going to load the front to stop him beating them. This all plays into the favor of the Patriots, who I think will win comfortably here.

Bears over 49ers

If you have been following along with my parlay picks for the season, you probably think I have it in for the 49ers, but that’s only because I believe that they are really going to stink the joint out this year. A west coast team heading into what is sure to be a frigid Soldier Field at the start of December does nothing to inspire any confidence in me. I don’t think the bears are going to be particularly great this season, but they are certainly better than the 49ers.

Chiefs over Falcons

One of the biggest problems that the Falcons faced last season was protecting their QB Matt Ryan. He ended up making a ton of mistakes, oftentimes in critical field positions, and that cost Atlanta dearly. They have made some moves in the offseason to ty and shore things up, but it really isn’t enough. They are going to struggle against a blitzing Chiefs D, and I like Kansas City as my road team pick for Week 13.

Seahawks over Panthers

Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are two of the most exciting young QB’s in the NFL right now, and it’s always fun to see them go head to head. They have done that 6 times so far, and it’s Wilson and the Seahawks who have a 4-2 edge in the series. I think they can extend that with a win at home in Week 13.

NFL Week 13 Parlay Picks

Patriots, Bears, Chiefs….possibly Seahawks.