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2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 15

Written by on July 22, 2016

Week 15 takes us into the final 3 weeks of the NFL season, by which time we should have a pretty clear idea of who is going to be in the playoffs. There are probably going to still be some Wild Card spots to be decided, but we are drawing ever closer to the point of the year where coaches are starting to think about limiting the amount of time their key personnel are on the field. This is where you really have to pay attention to the line-ups before making your selections, as you may be looking at somewhat weakened squads taking the field. I am going to go ahead and make my parlay picks for Week 15 under the assumption that everyone is at full strength, but remember to look at the live NFL betting odds before placing any tickets in these final few weeks of the season. Without further ado, let’s take a look at my parlay picks for this week.

2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 15


Seahawks over Rams

We are going to get the ball rolling with a pick in one of the Thursday night games, with the Seattle Seahawks at home to the LA Rams. Even without the retired Marshawn Lynch in the line-up, the Seahawks still look as though they are going to be a legitimate offensive threat this season. I’m just not sure that the Rams can handle what is going to be thrown at them in this one, and we all know just how difficult it is to get a win on the road in Seattle in front of one of the loudest fan bases in the league.

Falcons over 49ers

I have not been very kind to either of these two teams in my parlay picks for the NFL season, but you have to think that they are both going to find a way to win a few games this season. The falcons have a tough, tough, schedule this year, but they finally get handed a reasonable match-up in the form of the 49ers. The Falcons have the home edge here, and still have a number of good offensive threats in the line-up that should help them win this one.

Packers over Bears

We are now well into December at this stage of the season, but the frigid temperatures at Soldier Field are not likely to trouble either of these two teams. The Packers are probably going to be on the brink of winning the division at this stage of the season, assuming that they play as well as I think they will, and what better way to wrap things up by beating a division rival on the road.

Patriots over Broncos

This is my iffy pick of the week, and the reason I am going with the Patriots over the defending champions is because of the QB match-up. We don’t yet know who is going to win the QB battle in Denver, but whoever it is, they just cannot match up with Tom Brady. Yes, the Broncos D is going to be good, but if anyone can pick them apart, it’s Brady.

NFL Week 15 Parlay Picks

Seahawks, Falcons, Packers….possibly Patriots.