2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 9

2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 9

Written by on July 20, 2016

Week 9 will see the second half of the season get underway, and we should have a very clear idea of who the top teams are going to be at this point. This is also where the real scrambling for Wild Card spots will start to heat up, as a few teams will be seeing their season start to slip away. I think that the NFL betting picks are going to get a little tougher from this point forward, as you are going to have a few teams starting to ply with a higher level of desperation. At the end of the day, though, skill should still come out on top, which means that we shouldn’t see too many big surprises until the top teams start to rest guys ahead of the playoffs. That is a move that is still going to be a few weeks away at this point, which makes my job of putting together a Week 9 parlay ticket a little easier. Let’s take a look at the 4 teams I like this week.

In Depth Analysis On The 2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 9


Vikings over Lions

The general consensus among football fans is that the NFC North will come down to a battle between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, which is something that I totally agree with. In order for the Vikings to keep pace with the Packers, they are going to have to take advantage of teams that look as though they might struggle this season. This would represent one of those games, and you have to feel as though the Vikes will be able to handle what may well be an anemic Lions offense.

Chargers over Titans

The San Diego Chargers have made a habit of being an 8-8 team over the past few seasons, and I think they are looking down the barrel of that again this season, especially with the Raiders looking to take a big step forward in the AFC West. The Chargers still have Philip Rivers calling the shots at QB, and he is still talented enough to win them a couple of games per year with his arm. This could be one of them.

Saints over 49ers

Everyone believes that the 49ers are going to be brutal this season, but the New Orleans Saints are a team that many people are adopting a wait and see attitude with. I don’t think there’s any way that they knock off the Panthers to win the NFC South, but they may be able to weasel their way into a Wild card spot if Drew Brees can work his magic. This is a game that I certainly feel they are capable of winning.

Steelers over Ravens

This is my iffy pick of the week, and it comes via one of the best match-ups in football. These two teams have a genuine dislike for one another, and their games tend to be brutal, low-scoring affairs that usually end with someone getting carted off the field. I think that the Steelers are a couple of steps ahead of the Raven this season, and I think they might just grind out the win here.

NFL Week 9 Parlay Picks

Vikings, Chargers, Saints….possibly Steelers.