2016 NFL Week 12 Parlay Picks

2016 NFL Week 12 Parlay Picks

Written by on July 21, 2016

Week 12 of the 2016 NFL season is one that is probably going to be one of the most wagered on weeks of the season, as this is when the Thanksgiving Day games are played. There are three great games on tap for Thursday, and it looks as though as one of them is going to make it onto my parlay picks for Week 12 of the NFL season. If you have been following along with these picks all week, you will probably already know that there is a method to the way in which I do these selections. I generally start out with the most likely winner for the week, and then follow that up with my second safest selection, a road winner, and one that is a little iffy, and which may or may not be added to my parlay ticket for the week. Keep in mind that these selections may change as the season progresses, and I get a look at the NFL betting odds for the week.

Here’s a Closer Look At The 2016 NFL Week 12 Parlay Picks


Vikings over Lions

There is a very good chance that this could be a major breakout season for Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings. There is a lot of questions waiting to be answered in Detroit, most notably with how the Lions are going to run their offense without Calvin Johnson in the line-up. It should be noted that the Lions have won the last 3 Thanksgiving Day games, but I believe that this streak will be coming to an end on Week 12.

Dolphins over 49ers

Miami are a team that look destined to go 7-9 or 8-8 this season, as they haven’t really made any major changes that would make you believe that they are ready to compete. They are pretty far from being a very good team, but they should certainly be good enough to beat a 49ers team that looks to be in total disarray right now. They have fallen off dramatically without Jim Harbaugh at the helm, and there really is no silver lining in San Francisco.

Seahawks over Buccaneers

My official road team pick of the week here, and a match-up that really jumps off the page in terms of a very likely winner. The Seahawks have had a dominating defense for as long as anyone can remember now, but they had now loaded up the offense too, which makes them a legitimate threat on both sides of the ball. Any mistakes made by the Bucs are likely to be jumped all over by Seattle, and this one could get out of hand very early on.

Jets over Patriots

The New York Jets have underwhelmed for a number of seasons now, but the one time they always seem to step up and play is against the Patriots. These match-ups always seem to end up being tight, low-scoring affairs, and it has gotten to the point where the Jets really do now seem to be a bogey team for the Patriots. This is a very iffy pick, but one that is tempting. You could always just play the UNDER in your parlay ticket.

NFL Week 12 Parlay Picks

Vikings, Dolphins, Seahawks….possibly Jets.