2016 NFL Week 16 Parlay Picks

2016 NFL Week 16 Parlay Picks

Written by on July 22, 2016

It’s the penultimate week of the NFL season, and by this stage of the game, you can bet that the Super Bowl 51 betting odds will have dramatically changed from what they were at the start of the season. We should have a very good idea by now of the teams that are most likely to win the championship, as a number of them will have already clinched a playoff spot. At this stage of the season, it’s usually more about jockeying for position in hopes of getting that number one spot and home field throughout the playoffs. There is always that possibility that some teams will be resting their best players at this point, so we can only hope that there are still a lot of active races going on so that those absences don’t affect our parlay picks too much. As always, I will be making my selections for 2016 NFL Week 16 based on the assumption that all the teams will be at full strength.

2016 NFL Week 16 Parlay Picks


Panthers over Falcons

This looks to me like being the top pick of the week, simply because the Panthers are so very good at home, and they will be facing a Atlanta Falcons team that will have likely been long eliminated from playoff contention. The danger here is that Atlanta may come out with nothing to lose and try to upset the apple cart, especially since I think the Panthers will have clinched the NFC South by this point, and perhaps not as motivated as always. Still, I have to go with Carolina.

Jaguars over Titans

I have taken Jacksonville a few times this season in a move that could very well blow up in my face. The Jags have spent a lot of money to make their team competitive this year, and if all of those new additions can gel, we might well be looking at a playoff team this season. The Titans are still a long way away from being that, and I don’t really like their chances on the road against a much stronger, on paper at least, looking Jacksonville squad.

Chargers over Browns

I’m not going to lie, I had a bit of a tough time picking a road winner this week, but the San Diego Chargers look the most likely. There is an outside chance that they might still be in the Wild Card picture at this point, which is not really something that we can say for the Cleveland Browns. If this is indeed the case, the Chargers will possibly find themselves in a must win scenario, and I think they are more than good enough to get that win in Cleveland.

Chiefs over Broncos

This is my questionable pick for the week, as these two seem like very, very similar teams. They are both going to win playing solid D, which means it might all come down to one or two big offensive plays. I think that the Chiefs are better equipped to pull those off, and it also helps that they will have the home field edge. I’ll take Kansas City in a low scoring affair.

NFL Week 16 Parlay Picks

Panthers, Jaguars, Chargers…possibly Chiefs.