2016 NFL Week 8 Parlay Picks

2016 NFL Week 8 Parlay Picks

Written by on July 20, 2016

More often than not, it’s the home team that wins in the NFL, especially in the modern game where we have a stunning level of parity. That home field advantage can often be what gives one team the edge over another that they are evenly matched with. As I have been going through every week of the upcoming season to do these parlay picks, I have been looking for some potential road winners, as that will almost certainly increase the value of the parlay ticket. Week 8 in this NFL season is a little different, as the majority of the teams that I like are playing away from home this week. These selections may come with better online NFL betting lines, but it could also all blow up in my face. That said, I am still pretty confident about these selection, although we will see how things look the closer we get to the actual game time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at my Week 8 parlay picks.

A Closer Look At The 2016 NFL Week 8 Parlay Picks


Texans over Lions

My top pick for Week 8 actually does feature a home team, with the Houston Texans hosting the Detroit Lions. Houston really do believe that they have finally found a franchise QB in Brock Osweiler, and if their defense can hold up their end of the bargain too, this might well be a Texans team that has to be considered a dark horse. I think the Lions are going to struggle offensively without Calvin Johnson, and that is not good against a defense of this caliber.

Patriots over Bills

By this stage of the season, Tom Brady will have had 3 games under his belt, and any rust that he may have had from his 4-game suspension should be well and truly shaken off. The Patriots may be looking to dig out of a little hole if they are not adequately able to get the job done while Brady is out, so they may well be in a position of having to pick up wins in order to get back in the race. This is one road trip they should be able to handle.

Packers at Falcons

You have to wonder how hot the coaching seat will be at this stage of the season for Dan Quinn. He did not have a memorable first season as the coach of the Falcons, and Atlanta has an absolutely brutal schedule this year. I expect the Packers to go into the ATL and light this Falcons team up, which should get the boo birds all the more riled up.

Panthers over Cardinals

This is without a doubt the game of the week, and one that I should probably steer clear of. There are likely to be some nice odds here, though, and that is something I can’t pass up. The Panthers have turned their home field into a fortress, and west coast teams don’t traditionally do well when they have to travel clear across the country. That all adds up to a win for Carolina.

NFL Week 8 Parlay Picks

Teans, Patriots, Packers….possibly Panthers.
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