2018 NFL Season Biggest NFC Rivalry Games

2018 NFL Season Biggest NFC Rivalry Games

Written by on August 1, 2018

The clock is slowly but surely ticking down towards the start of the NFL season, which is set to kick off in a little over a month. We will have a ton of preseason games to keep us entertained during that time, but the reality is that we are all looking forward to the “real” games. The NFL is one of the few leagues where every single game is important, largely because each team only has 16 games in the regular season.A bad couple of weeks can be the difference between getting into the playoffs and missing out. Both conferences have some huge match-ups coming in the 2018 season, but for the purposes of this piece, let’s focus on the NFC.

2018 NFL Season Biggest NFC Rivalry Games

2018 NFL Season Biggest AFC Rivalry Games

Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles – Week 1

We don’t have to wait long to get the first big NFC game of the year, as this one will serve as the Thursday night season opener. We really couldn’t have asked for a better match-up, as these two will almost certainly be in the playoff picture.The Eagles will be out to defend their crown with Carson Wentz back under center, while the Falcons will be looking to get their defense to a point where they can match the output of the offense. This has the potential to be a fabulous first game of the 2018 NFL season.

Minnesota Vikings vs LA Rams – Week 4

What we have here is arguably the best defense in the league going against one of the most potent offensive units in the NFL. The Vikings defense was brilliant in 2017, save for one game, which just happened to be the NFC Championship Game versus the Eagles.They should once again be strong on the defensive side of the football, and the addition of Kirk Cousins at QB could help put the offense over the top. The Rams have spent a small fortune in the offseason to improve a team that was already very good. There is a feeling that it is Super Bowl or bust in the City of Angels.

San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers – Week 6

There is no doubt about it, the NFC is absolutely loaded this season, which is going to make it tough for any team to survive that gauntlet. The 49ers ended last season on a high, winning 5-straight with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. There is an awful lot of hype surrounding this team coming into the new season, and we will quickly find out if it’s warranted.The 49ers look like a good betting pick for the 2018 NFL Season.The Green Bay Packers have been hammered by injuries over the past two seasons, but if they can stay healthy this season, there is no reason why this team cannot represent the NFC in Super Bowl 53.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints – Week 12

The NFC South was arguably the best division in the NFL last season, with no less than 3 teams making it to the playoffs. Like last year, most of the divisional games in the South come in the latter stages of the season, including this potential beauty in Week 12.The Saints won the division last year and are favorites to do so again, but you can bet that the Falcons are going to push them all the way. This game may not ultimately decide the division winner, but it is going to have an impact on the final standings.