NFL Betting Odds… Cash in on Fun-Filled 2015 Player Props!

Written by on August 26, 2015

If you like NFL betting odds on player props like I do then you’re in for a treat gridiron gamblers!

You see, thanks to the fun-filled, yet expert information you’re about to get, you’re going to have a great chance to cash in on the seven player props odds I have hand-picked just for you.

Okay, with that said, let’s get started.

Mark Sanchez starter at Falcons

Yes   +190
No    -270
Analysis: Mark Sanchez will not start the regular season opener in Philly, unless Sam Bradford goes down before then… which, come to think of it – is a possibility. I’m giving Bradford a 10 percent chance at starting the opener, although I say he should never start an NFL game – like ever!

Sam Bradford more starts as Eagles QB

Yes   -460
No    +320
Analysis: Um… I’m going to say that Bradford makes at least eight starts with Sanchez getting two starts somehow, someway. Hell, since we’re going there, I think Chip Kelly could give Tim Tebow and the Eagles’ mascot a start too.

Tim Tebow makes Eagles 53 man roster

Yes   +160
No    -210
Analysis: Tim Tebow has reportedly made it and I believe he should. I don’t care what anyone says, Tebow is better than a lot of NFL quarterbacks like Brian Hoyer and E.J. Manuel just to name two.


Tim Tebow starts a game at QB

Yes   +380
Yes   -570
Analysis: With Bradford likely to go down at some point and Mark Sanchez equally as likely to play his way to the bench, I think Tebow will get at least one start in 2015. Hell, I say there’s no way Tebow can be any worse than Mr. Butt Fumble.

Starting Quarterback in Week 1


Sam Bradford -1582
Mark Sanchez +717
Analysis: Again…unless Bradford goes down in the preseason, which I don’t suspect is going to happen, Mark Sanchez will not start the regular season opener in Philly.



Matt Cassel   +120
EJ Manuel    +400
Tyrod Taylor    +130
Analysis: I’m going with Tyrod Taylor everyone! Taylor looked fantastic in Buffalo’s second preseason game while completing 7 of 10 passes for 65 yards and adding another 41 rushing yards on four carries.


Johnny Manziel +600
Josh McCown -1200
Analysis: I think the smart money is on Josh McCown, even though Johnny Manziel has looked a bit better than his mentor in the preseason. However, one really bad game by McCown will chain him to the bench and it could become permanent if Johnny Football brings his ‘A’ game this time around.

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