Why you should bet on the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 6, 2016

You know we live in a time where the offense is king in the NFL when very few people look at the Denver Broncos (+450) as a legitimate contender to win Super Bowl 50. The general consensus is that they cannot win with either Brock Osweiler or Peyton Manning at QB, but the reality is that they may not have to rely on either one of those guys in order to get the job done.

Why you should bet on the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50

Osweiler has been steady if unspectacular in the games he played while Manning was out injured, but he did no look very good at all in Week 17. He struggled against the Chargers, and was eventually replaced by Manning who led the Broncos to a 27-20 win. Manning got a lot of the headlines in that victory, but he really wasn’t the main reason that the Broncos won. As has been the case all season long, the defense held the Broncos in a game that they really shouldn’t have been in after committing 5 turnovers. Manning didn’t make any mistakes after coming in as a back-up, which allowed the defense to get a little break to recharge. That Week 17 display is likely going to have Manning named as the starter for the playoffs. He will have one more week to get back to full fitness, but he is going to have to continue to play error free ball if the Broncos are going to win it all. He looked past is prime in the early part of the season, but by all accounts he was playing with a variety of different injuries. This may be Manning’s last shot at getting a second Super Bowl ring, so don’t discount the possibility of his teammates using that as motivation to go out and perform at their very best. The Broncos defense will need to be on point, as usual, to help the offense.

To Get A Super Bowl 50 Win, The D Must Be On Point

If the Broncos are to win Super Bowl 50, they may well do so on the strength of their defense. This is a unit that can get after the quarterback, and they registered 52 sacks during the regular season. They had 14 interceptions and 22 forced fumbles, 14 of which they recovered. The Broncos defense gave up just 18.5 PPG, which was good for 4th in the NFL. Their opponents in the postseason are going to have to come into Mile High with a solid game plan if they want to break that defense down. If the Broncos can play the way they did in the second half of the Chargers game, there is no reason they can’t win the Super Bowl. They have home field advantage throughout, which is something that really shouldn’t be overlooked since they went 6-2 there this season.