Five Keys to NFL Betting Action During the 2018 Preseason

Posted by Eric Williams on Thursday,May 10, 2018 11:46, EDT in

The 2018 NFL preseason and ensuing regular season may still be a few months from getting underway, but if you know anything about NFL betting in today’s year-round entity, it’s the fact that you can never start making your betting plans too soon. To that end, I’ve got some expert NFL preseason betting keys that could help you cash in big once the 65-game preseason gets underway on August 2.

Five Keys to NFL Betting Action During the 2018 Preseason

What Week Is It?

The first thing you need to know about NFL Betting during preseason is what week it is. If it’s the opening week of the scrimmage season, then you can expect to see a bunch of backups trying to make a name for themselves and a vast majority of players that won’t make their teams’ respective regular season rosters.

Don’t make the mistake of betting on a preseason game thinking you’re going to see a bunch of starters only to find out that one or both teams are in more of a process evaluating mode. Remember, Week 3 is the best week to see starters playing a significant amount of time.

Know Your Backup Quarterbacks!

Since we’ve already established that starters – and starting quarterbacks in particular – just don’t see a whole lot of action in the preseason, it’s crucial that you know who the backup quarterbacks are for each team. For instance, let’s say you’re betting on the Philadelphia Eagles in the preseason, then you’ve got to know that they have a very good veteran backup in Nick Foles that clearly knows how to get the job done once young star Carson Wentz heads to the bench.

Conversely, let’s say you’re betting on the Buffalo Bills, then you should be wary (scared?) if young signal-caller Nathan Peterman steps onto the field.

Offensive Line Play

When it comes to winning and losing in today’s NFL, you should know that no other unit outside of the offensive line plays a bigger part in a team’s success or failure. Basically, if you have a weak offensive line, then you won’t be able to run the ball or protect your quarterback very well in today’s pass-happy times.

If you’re planning on betting on a team that either has an offensive line that is in a state of flux or one that has a bunch of inexperienced performers, then you should be expecting some very mixed results from that particular team. Make sure you know about each team’s offensive line before you wager on any preseason contest.

Coaching Changes

Does the team you plan on betting on in the preseason have a new head coach? If so, is he a good fit for his new team and is he an offensive-minded or defensive-minded head coach? Case in point. Former NFL quarterback and Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich is taking over in Indianapolis, which tells me you should expect some fireworks out of Andrew Luck and the Colts in 2018.

You might want to consider the Colts as one of your NFL Preseason Betting picks, as Frack Reich is now on charge.


Conversely, former New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is taking over in Detroit. While his presence will almost assuredly mean the Lions’ defense improves, will that be the case for Matthew Stafford and Detroit’s offense? Make sure you know which teams you plan on betting on in the preseason have new head coaches and adjust your betting accordingly.

Draft and Free Agent Contributions

Does the team you plan on betting on in the preseason have a bunch of high draft picks that are ready to contribute right away or maybe signed a handful of veterans in free agency that is expected to be impact players? Some veteran-laden teams won’t need immediate contributions from more than a couple of rookies or maybe one or two free agents while other teams will need several of their draft picks to both, pan out and play well almost from the start of their respective NFL careers.

You need to know who’s going to be on the field for each team you plan on placing an NFL Betting ticket in the preseason and, again, adjust your betting to fit that particular team.