Houston Texans Schedule Odds & Analysis

Houston Texans Schedule Odds & Analysis

Written by on May 11, 2020

With much of the major offseason work now down, the NFL is in a bit of a holding pattern as we wait to see how the current coronavirus situation plays out. The NFL released the 2020 schedule late last week, but we are in a position where the dates listed still need to be considered somewhat tentative. That doesn’t mean that we have to sit back and do nothing, though, as part of the fun of the lead up to the new season is talking about how it might play out. Now that we know the schedule, that conversation becomes a little more informed. Let’s focus on the Houston Texans here and their schedule for the upcoming season along with their NFL betting odds.

Houston Texans Schedule Analysis

Strength of Schedule

The first thing that any football fan thinks about when the schedule is released is how tough the road to a division crown and the playoffs is going to be. Given that the Houston Texans were in the playoffs last season, there was always the feeling that they would have things a little tougher than most, and that has certainly proven to be the case, at least based on the records from last season. Their 16-game schedule will see them go against teams who compiled a combined 132-123-1 record last season, which is good for a .518 win percentage. It’s not the toughest schedule out there, but it puts them in the top 10.

A Strong Start Is Essential

History has shown that getting off to a good start is one of the keys to making the playoffs. Team that drop their first 2 or 3 games of the season always seem to spend the rest of the year trying to dig out of that hole. The Texans will open up on Thursday night against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and will then follow that will a game against the Baltimore Ravens, a team that won 14 games last season. In fact, 5 of the first 7 games that the Texans play this season will be against teams that made the playoffs last year, so they are in for a tough run of it.

Primetime and Featured Games

In terms of playing to a national audience, the Texans really don’t have much to look forward to this season. As we already mentioned, they will play on Thursday night in Week 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs, which will be their only appearance in primetime. That said, they will have a game against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, and while that is not really in primetime, it is still a nationally televised game. The first half of the season is huge for the Texans given the teams they will play, so lots of matchups that would be considered featured games.

The Houston Texans Complete Schedule

With DeAndre Hopkins gone and some new players on the teams, the Texans are going to look a little different this coming season. Here is their full schedule:

  • Sep. 10th at Kansas City
  • Sep. 20th vs. Baltimore
  • Sep. 27th at Pittsburgh
  • Oct. 4th vs. Minnesota
  • Oct. 11th vs. Jacksonville
  • Oct. 18th at Tennessee
  • Oct. 25th vs. Green Bay
  • Nov. 8th at Jacksonville
  • Nov. 15th at Cleveland
  • Nov. 22nd vs. New England
  • Nov. 26th at Detroit
  • Dec. 6th vs. Indianapolis
  • Dec. 13th at Chicago
  • Dec. 20th at Indianapolis
  • Dec. 27th vs. Cincinnati
  • Jan. 3rd vs. Tennessee