Minnesota Vikings Schedule Odds & Analysis

Minnesota Vikings Schedule Odds & Analysis

Written by on May 12, 2020

 The modern day NFL operates under a salary cap that every team needs to manage in order to compete with the best in the league. There are teams who are able to work within that cap and stay consistent for a long period of time, while others load up for a couple of years in hopes of winning a Super Bowl before tearing it all down and starting from scratch again. The Minnesota Vikings are somewhere in the middle of that, but they have also spent well, extending QB Kirk Cousins this offseason, a sign that they believe their window of opportunity is still open. They are in a tough division and will need to battle hard to make the playoffs, so let’s look at their schedule and the road they will have to take to get there and what their NFL odds are.

Minnesota Vikings Schedule Analysis

Strength of Schedule

 It goes without saying that the schedule plays a major role in deciding which teams will be playing football beyond the end of the regular season. As mentioned already, the Vikings are in a very tough NFC North, with the Packers and Bears sure to be tough challenges for them. Looking at the rest of the schedule, it is apparent that Minnesota has a bit of a tough one to navigate, as they are in the top 10 in terms of difficulty. The teams that they will face this coming season went a combined 131-123-1 last year, so by no means an easy road ahead.

Strange Days in Minnesota?

 No one was particularly surprised when the Vikings decided to extend Kirk Cousins contract, but what was a little surprising was that they then turned around and traded away his biggest weapon. The reality, though, is that Stefon Diggs wanted out, and you have to say that the Vikings won the trade with the Buffalo Bills. They loaded up on draft picks and made some selections that will make them that much better this coming season, on paper at least. The Vikings are probably still a bit of a dark horse, but perhaps one riding on as a bettor.

Primetime and Featured Games

 If you are looking to catch the Minnesota Vikings in primetime this coming season, you might end up being a little disappointed, as they will only be making 2 appearances again this season. It is perhaps a little surprising that the national networks are not giving them a ton of love, as this is a very good football team. Both of the games that the Vikings will play in primetime will be on the road, starting in Week 5, when they head to Seattle to face the Seahawks in a Sunday night tilt. Their next, and final, appearance will be in Week 10 at Soldier Field to face the Chicago Bears on a Monday night.

The Minnesota Vikings are going to be tested right out of the gate, as they will have 3 games out of 5 on the road and will be facing some very good QB’s in the process. They will open the season at home in a divisional battle against the Green Bay Packers, which should be a beauty.

The Minnesota Vikings Complete Schedule

  • Sept. 13: vs. Packers
  • Sept. 20: at Colts
  • Sept. 27: vs. Titans
  • Oct. 4:at Texans
  • Oct. 11: at Seahawks
  • Oct. 18:vs. Falcons
  • Nov. 1: at Packers
  • Nov. 8: vs. Lions
  • Nov. 16: at Bears
  • Nov. 22: vs. Cowboys
  • Nov. 29: vs. Panthers
  • Dec. 6: vs. Jaguars
  • Dec. 13: at Buccaneers
  • Dec. 20: vs. Bears
  • Dec. 25: at Saints
  • Jan. 3: at Lions