Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule Odds & Analysis

Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule Odds & Analysis

Written by on May 11, 2020

While there is still a little uncertainty about the start date of the NFL and whether or not there will be fans in the stands at the start of the season, the league is moving forward with business as usual. Last week, they released the full schedule for the coming season, with the dates of all games showing as starting as planned. This is a fluid situation that might see changes made in the coming weeks, but for now, let’s take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule for the coming season and their NFL betting odds.

Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule Analysis

Strength of Schedule

While the Steelers will have been disappointed with their 8-8 record last season, one of the benefits of a down year is that the schedule the following season is usually a little easier to manage. Pittsburgh is a much better team than their previous year’s record suggests, as you have to remember that they were hammered by injuries at the skill positions. This coming season, they will face teams who had a combined record of 117-139 last season, so the schedule certainly looks to be playing into the favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Path to the Playoffs Lies on the Road

Given the strength of the Baltimore Ravens, it might be fair to suggest that Pittsburgh will be battling it out for a Wild Card spot in the AFC. If things are as tight as they were last season, then the race for playoff spots could go into the final weeks of the season. Pittsburgh will have 3 of their final 4 games of the year on the road in Buffalo, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. There are certainly winnable matchups in there, but as we have seen in the past, getting the W on the road is never an easy task in the NFL.

Primetime and Featured Games

The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to open their season in Primetime, as they will be in the first Monday night game of the year against the New York Giants. Pittsburgh will have another Monday night game, this time against the Bengals, later in the year, while also having a pair of Sunday night games against the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills on the primetime schedule.

The one game that every Steelers fan has circled on the calendar is the October 18 game at home to the Cleveland Browns. This will be the first time that Pittsburgh will face Myles Garrett since he took at swing at Mason Rudolph with his helmet in a game last season. The players will almost certainly play this one down, but you can bet that the Heinz Field faithful will be spitting some venom in that one.

A friendlier matchup will come on September 27 when the Steelers take on the Houston Texans, pitting brothers T.J. and J.J Watt together.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Complete Schedule

As we mentioned already, dates may be changed in the coming weeks, but this is how the Steelers schedule looks at the moment:

  • Sept. 14 at New York Giants
  • Sept. 20 Denver
  • Sept. 27 Houston
  • Oct. 4 at Tennessee
  • Oct. 11 Philadelphia
  • Oct. 18 Cleveland
  • Oct. 25 at Baltimore
  • Nov. 8 at Dallas
  • Nov. 15 Cincinnati
  • Nov. 22 at Jacksonville
  • Nov. 26 Baltimore
  • Dec. 6 Washington
  • Dec. 13 at Buffalo
  • Dec. 21 at Cincinnati
  • Dec. 27 Indianapolis
  • Jan. 3 at Cleveland