Playing at home helps Chicago to be the NFL Week 10 Odds favorite.

2017 NFL Picks and Win/Loss Prediction For Chicago Bears

Written by on June 30, 2017

Following their nightmare 3-13 campaign in 2016, the Chicago Bears will enter the 2017 regular season simply looking to get back to being a respectable NFL franchise. Unfortunately, Chicago got fleeced in this year’s NFL Draft and that won’t help their rebuilding plans one iota. If you’re wondering whether or not Chicago can top its regular season win total NFL odds, then the expert analysis and predictions that you’re about to get on all of Chicago’s upcoming regular season games is just what the doctor ordered.

2017 NFL Picks and Win/Loss Prediction For Chicago Bears


Chicago Bears 2017 Win Total Odds 5.5

Week 1

Falcons (-6) at Bears Seriously? The Atlanta Falcons will have a three-touchdown lead by halftime

Week 2

Bears at Buccaneers (-7) The rebuilding Bears won’t be a match for the blossoming playoff-hopeful Buccaneers in this Week 2 pairing.

Week 3

Steelers (-5.5) at Bears Even at home, Chicago stands no chance of stopping Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon bell.

Week 4

Bears at Packers (-9.5) The spread for this Week 4 NFC North divisional matchup should probably be 19.5 points instead of 9.5. The Packers win in a blowout.

Week 5

Vikings (-2) at Bears Minnesota’s outstanding defense will limit Mike Glennon and the Bears’ unassuming offense in a big way in this week 5 divisional clash.

Week 6

Bears at Ravens (-7) The Ravens don’t have the most explosive offense around, but their stellar defense will put Chicago’s offense on lockdown for the second straight week.

Week 7

Panthers (-1.5) at Bears Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers should have this contest well in hand shortly after the national anthem is finished.

Week 8

Bears at Saints (-6) Drew Brees is going to put so many points on the board that he might break the scoreboard at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. No…really.

Week 9


Week 10

Packers (-6.5) at Bears Chicago’s coaching staff should send Mitch Trubisky to sit on Green Bay’s bench, because Aaron Rodgers is going to school the No. 2 overall pick while leading the Packers to the huge road win.

Week 11

Lions (-1) at Bears The Bears should be able to beat the dysfunctional Lions at home in this Week 11 matchup, but they won’t, mostly because Detroit will be completely desperate for a win in this NFC North divisional showdown. Mitch Trubisky went second overall in this year’s draft.

Week 12

Bears at Eagles (-6) Mitch Trubisky went second overall in this year’s draft, but he’s nowhere near as polished as Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz, the No. 2 overall pick in last year’s draft. Philly rolls at home.

Week 13

49ers at Bears (-4) Finally, the Bears get off the ‘schneid’ by beating the same 49ers team that fleeced them in this year’s draft all so Chicago could move up one spot to take a player that the Niners were never thinking about taking.

Week 14

Bears at Bengals (-6.5) Cincinnati is desperate to get back in the playoffs after seeing their five-year run come to an abrupt halt last season. The Bengals get the easy home win over Chicago in Week 14.

Week 15

Bears at Lions (-6) The Lions will be completely and utterly desperate for a victory in this Week 15 divisional battle and they’ll get it because Chicago simply has too many question marks and not enough answers.

Week 16

Browns at Bears (-4.5) Aww snap, the Bears win for the second time in the last four weeks by narrowly getting past the rebuilding Browns.

Week 17

Bears at Vikings Don’t think twice about it everyone. Chicago has absolutely no hopes of winning this regular season finale against a Minnesota team that will be hoping for a playoff berth at this last juncture of the season.