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The Most Underrated NFL Games To Bet On In 2014

Written by on September 1, 2014

What makes a NFL game underrated? In my opinion its the games that are not getting enough press or enough attention from the oddsmakers. And jumping on these games early is a great betting tip. Here are the games that I am betting on early and I recommend NFL betting fans you do the same.

The Most Underrated NFL Games To Bet On In 2014

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams (Week 3)

With Sam Bradford out for the count, the Rams are going to be the opposite of a public team. By this point we’ll see what Shaun Hill is worth as a starter (or if they’ve made a move for someone else) but the Rams are a surly bet at home. Zac Stacy and this fantastic offensive line can decimate the Cowboys, who carry a huge public backing wherever they go.

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals (Week 11)

Let’s just say that the error prone Matthew Stafford launching balls at one of the best secondaries in the league is as much of a money grab as there is. Nobody ever trusts the Cards, and people overvalue the Lions on a yearly basis. So pull up your socks and go against the grain.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (Week 12)

If there’s any coach who really knows how to take Jay Cutler apart, it’s Lovie Smith, who returns to Chicago for the first time since being released as the head coach. Tampa is a sneaky good team this year, and will certainly be a great upset take as they travel to the Windy City.

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins (Week 14)

Neither of these teams really get gamblers that excited. Baltimore is routinely a letdown in wagering, while Miami just isn’t that exciting overall. But the Dolphins have a knack for playing well at home and Baltimore has had trouble travelling against good passing teams. The Ravens will get the benefit of the doubt of the public and the oddsmakers…making it much easier for the Fins to cover.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (Week 15)

Much of the personnel that gave Peyton Manning nightmares at Qualcomm are gone, there’s still two big elements here: The Chargers play unbelievably well in December and Peyton’s performances in San Diego are lackluster at best. He’s had the hard charge here and there, but this is definitely a matchup you want to keep on your radar.Happy betting sports fans!