2017 NFL Week 1 SU Picks And Winning Predictions

2017 NFL Week 1 SU Picks And Winning Predictions

Written by on September 4, 2017

After 4 weeks preseason football, which not every team escaped unscathed, and a series of trades and sweeping cuts, each team is down to a roster of 53 players and ready for the regular season. NFL Week 1 will begin this coming Thursday night in New England, but as always, the bulk of the games will be on Sunday, Football bettors may already have their picks made for the opening week, as I know that I have, so I thought it might be fun to compare notes a little. I am going to share my straight up picks for the opening week and analyze the current NFL betting odds and lines right here. So be sure to check them against what you have to see if we are on the same page.

NFL Week 1 SU Picks and Winning Predictions


Atlanta Falcons over Chicago Bears

You look at this match-up and the first thing you notice is that the Bears have won each of the last 2 meetings. Look a little closer and you will notice that they haven’t played one another since 2014. This is a very different looking Falcon team than the one that was one the field 3 years ago. There is some concern that they might still be nursing a Super Bowl hangover, especially given the nature of defeat, but this may be the perfect opener for them. Yes, it’s on the road, but it’s against a Bears team that is not going to be very good this season. A comfortable win for the Falcons.


  • Offensive total yards 416.42
  • Current Offensive rush yards 117.47
  • Offensive passing yards 298.95
  • Average Score For 34.11
  • Defensive total yards 376.84
  • Current Defensive rush yards 104.11
  • Defensive passing yards 272.74
  • Average Score Against 25.32


  • Offensive total yards 356.50
  • Current Offensive rush yards 108.12
  • Offensive passing yards 248.38
  • Average Score For 17.44
  • Defensive total yards 346.88
  • Current Defensive rush yards 122.00
  • Defensive passing yards 224.88
  • Average Score Against 24.94

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Buffalo Bills over New York Jets

Here is another situation where a team has won their last two meetings with their opponent, but who look to be an underdog for this meeting. In this instance, it’s the Jets who have beaten the Bills, and quite handily, too, the last two times they have faced on another. This season’s Jets look like they have all the tools to go 0-16, and while they will probably find a way to win a game or two, I think the rot will set in very early on, beginning with a loss on the road to the Buffalo Bills.


  • Offensive total yards 354.00
  • Current Offensive rush yards 164.31
  • Offensive passing yards 189.69
  • Average Score For 24.94
  • Defensive total yards 357.00
  • Current Defensive rush yards 134.75
  • Defensive passing yards 222.25
  • Average Score Against 23.62


  • Offensive total yards 329.31
  • Current Offensive rush yards 112.62
  • Offensive passing yards 216.69
  • Average Score For 17.19
  • Defensive total yards 342.25
  • Current Defensive rush yards 98.50
  • Defensive passing yards 243.75
  • Average Score Against 25.56

Pittsburgh Steelers over Cleveland Browns

This one really does seem like a no-brainer when you consider how dominant the Steelers have been against their division rivals over the years. The Browns have been a bit of a laughing stock for as long as anyone can remember, but it’s fair to say that they hit an all-new low last year with a 1-15 record. They may have reached bottom, and the only way to go now is up. They did have a good draft, and while the expectation is that they will improve this season, they still seem ill-prepared to face what is arguably one of the best offensive units in the NFL.


  • Offensive total yards 372.68
  • Current Offensive rush yards 113.89
  • Offensive passing yards 258.79
  • Average Score For 24.42
  • Defensive total yards 339.21
  • Current Defensive rush yards 93.16
  • Defensive passing yards 246.05
  • Average Score Against 20.58


  • Offensive total yards 311.00
  • Current Offensive rush yards 107.00
  • Offensive passing yards 204.00
  • Average Score For 16.50
  • Defensive total yards 392.44
  • Current Defensive rush yards 142.75
  • Defensive passing yards 249.69
  • Average Score Against 28.25

Houston Texans over Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Week 1: Last season was supposed to be the year when the Jaguars finally got out of the basement.Last season was supposed to be the year when the Jaguars finally got out of the basement, as they spent a lot of money to bring in new talent. The biggest issue for the Jaguars remained, though, which is that they don’t really have an established QB under center. Blake Bortles looks good at times, but he is prone to making mistakes at crucial times in games, which hurts his team. He will be around for one more season, and will be up against a rookie QB in DeShaun Watson, who certainly looked the part in preseason. I see a win here for the Texans.


  • Offensive total yards 311.83
  • Current Offensive rush yards 116.00
  • Offensive passing yards 195.83
  • Average Score For 17.89
  • Defensive total yards 300.17
  • Current Defensive rush yards 97.72
  • Defensive passing yards 202.44
  • Average Score Against 20.89


  • Offensive total yards 334.94
  • Current Offensive rush yards 101.94
  • Offensive passing yards 233.00
  • Average Score For 19.88
  • Defensive total yards 321.69
  • Current Defensive rush yards 106.44
  • Defensive passing yards 215.25
  • Average Score Against 25.00

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Miami Dolphins

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a team on the rise, and they made some offseason moves both via trade and the draft to make themselves even better. They are a legitimate threat to win the NFC South, but they have a tricky proposition in NFL Week 1 with a road trip to Miami. The Dolphins were dealt a blow in the preseason when they lost QB Ryan Tannehill for the year, although they did bring in veteran starter Jay Cutler to fill the gap. The Bucs are coming into this one as a slight underdog, and I think they are actually one of the best bets of the weekend.


  • Offensive total yards 346.38
  • Current Offensive rush yards 101.19
  • Offensive passing yards 245.19
  • Average Score For 22.12
  • Defensive total yards 367.94
  • Current Defensive rush yards 116.94
  • Defensive passing yards 251.00
  • Average Score Against 23.06


  • Offensive total yards 331.71
  • Current Offensive rush yards 110.35
  • Offensive passing yards 221.35
  • Average Score For 22.06
  • Defensive total yards 381.88
  • Current Defensive rush yards 142.71
  • Defensive passing yards 239.18
  • Average Score Against 24.12