Updated 2018 Stanley Cup Odds – May 7th Edition

Posted by Eric Williams on Monday,May 7, 2018 4:43, EDT in

With two teams already having advanced to their conference finals and awaiting their respective rivals, now is a perfect time to take a look at the most recent 2018 Stanley Cup odds.

Will the Tampa Bay Lightning fulfill their new odds as the prohibitive favorites or will the lovable Vegas Golden Knights continue their improbable run to finish off their date with destiny? Can either, Winnipeg, Washington, Nashville or Pittsburgh take down either of the top two seeds or is a meeting between the two etched in stone?

Let’s get down to business right now with a look at every team still standing.

Updated NHL Stanley Cup Odds – May 7th Edition

  • Tampa Bay Lightning: 5/2
  • Vegas Golden Knights: 14/5
  • Winnipeg Jets: 14/5
  • Washington Capitals: 11/2
  • Nashville Predators: 8/1
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: 9/1

Tampa Bay

The Lightning is looking damned good right about now after dispatching New Jersey in five games and then doing the same to an excellent Boston team and winning four straight after dropping their second-round series opener no less. Not only does Tampa Bay rank first in scoring, but goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy has quietly been playing out of his mind in limiting the opposition to one goal in four of Tampa Bay’s last seven games.

Las Vegas

The Knights might be an expansion team, but by now, everyone knows they play nothing like one and that stigma needs to go! The Golden Knights are ranked a stupendous fifth in scoring (3.3 gpg) and equally impressive eighth in defense (2.7 gpg). Offensively, Vegas gets their contributions from a handful of players, so you just can’t key on one player. Defensively, you’d better keep your head on a damned swivel – and when you do get shot attempts, goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is playing lockdown defense


I said it during the regular season and at the start of the playoffs and I’ll say it again. Everyone, including Vegas, should be scared of the Jets! Winnipeg ranks a stellar second in scoring (33 gpg) and fifth in defense (2.6 gpg). The Jets can score with any team in the league and have put up four goals or more five times in their last six games at the time of this writing while scoring five goals or more three times, six goals once and seven goals on another occasion. Winnipeg also ha a net-minder that is playing out of his mind in the unheralded Connor Hellebuyck, one of the reasons their Stanley Cup Odds have been increasing.


I picked the Caps to finally get past Pittsburgh in the postseason and they’re right on course, making the big question whether or not they can get past the high-flying Lightning. The good news is that Washington can pretty much score with any team in the league as they rank a solid ninth in scoring (3.1 gpg).

The Stanley Cup Odds for the Capitals are looking better week after week.

If the Caps can slow down Tampa Bay’s powerful offense (Hmmm), they could advance to the finals, but right now, I’m not feeling that!


The Predators won the top seed in the West, but I didn’t like them to get past Winnipeg and I don’t see it happening. Of course, it could still happen, seeing as how they’re currently down 3-2 heading into Game 6, but even if they do somehow beat the Jets, I’m taking Vegas to beat them in the conference finals.


Now down, 3-2 in their series against Washington, the Penguins still have a shot to beat the Caps, but I don’t see it happening. Alex Ovechkin and company have been waiting all season for some payback and they’ll get it simply because Pittsburgh has been pretty awful defensively all season long. The end is near for the two-time Stanley Cup champions, who should have never exposed Marc-Andre Fleury in the expansion draft!


In the end, I’m going with Tampa Bay to represent the Eastern Conference. Although right now, I’m completely torn between Vegas and Winnipeg out West. Based on the latest Stanley Cup Odds, I think a wager on all three teams is a good bet…at least until further notice!