It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over!

With $15,000 worth of quarterly prizes still on the table, it’s not too late to get in on the season-long handicapping fun! For just $10, pick 5 games against the spread each week and battle for your chance to win the $25,000 grand prize!


How to Play:

  • Pick 5 games against the spread each week.
  • Your weekly score ATS is calculated.
  • Score the most points at the end of the season and win $25,000!
Remember that you get 3 additional shots to win on top of your season-long total. Every 4 weeks, the player that scores the most points takes home $5,000!

Score the most points in a 4-week period:

  • Week 5 – Week 8 Win $5,000
  • Week 9 – Week 12 Win $5,000
  • Week 13 – Week 16 Win $5,000

How do I score points?

  • Get the game right ATS = 1
  • Push = 0.5
  • All other outcomes: 0
The most points you can score in a week is 5.
The most points you can score in season is 80.

How many players win prizes?

The top 750 scores win cash prizes.

Pay table

Place Prize
1st Place $25,000
2nd Place $12,500
3rd Place $5,000
4th Place $2,500
5th Place $1,500
6th Place $750
7th Place $500
8th Place $400
9th Place $300
10th Place $200
11th to 100th Place $100
101th to 500th Place $50
501th to 750th Place $20

What is the price to enter the $100,000 Guaranteed Supercontest?

Each $100,000 Guaranteed Supercontest entry is $10.

How many times can I enter the Supercontest?

You have up to 5 entries in play.

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