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How To Get Bigger Profits By Betting Against Tired NCAAF Teams

College football is an extremely physical and labor-intensive sport that is bound to come with fatigue for the players after a given run of games. A bad case of fatigue can easily mess up the winning chances of even the best teams. This means that, as a bettor, you have to consider the element of […]

NFL Bye Week Expert Betting Strategy

Following Kansas City’s 26-10 victory over Oakland in Week 6, Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid saw his record improve to an impressive 16-2 mark coming off a bye in his career. This prompted the common debate about NFL bye weeks and how it can affect NFL betting, or better yet how to inculcate bye weeks into […]

Tips To Crush The Odds At The Online Casino

The billion-dollar industry of online casino games continues to flourish as money-minting arena for gamblers across the world. At the end of the day, though, gamblers must deal with the stark reality that online casino games rely on randomness and chance, whether you are shuffling cards or spinning a wheel, so you can never have […]

Slot Machine Myths, Tips And Strategies

In this article, we will be taking a comprehensive look at slot machines, separating fact from fiction about the slots, and also detailing a number of slot machine strategies and tips that will legitimately help out your winning chances. Here’s A Closer Look At The Slot Machine Myths, Tips And Strategies     How Slot Machines […]

How to Handicap the MLB Wildcard Round

Placing winning bets in the MLB wild card games is not that different from successful MLB betting wagers in the regular season, as success is determined by usual baseball handicapping factors like starting pitchers, strength of bullpens, and winning vs. losing momentum, among other factors. There are, however, a few differences between playoff and regular-season […]

Play-In Game Strategy Skip The Starter

With the MLB regular season coming to an end, we’ll soon be witnessing those one-game baseball matchups to determine the final qualifiers for the playoffs in the majors. Placing MLB bets on these winner-take-all showdowns is usually different from the regular-season or postseason games, given their one-off nature and the heavy implications these matchups hold […]

Understanding The Paroli System

The Paroli System is a roulette system that is increasingly considered as one of the most popular and appealing systems for bettors that are looking win big without necessarily having to wager huge amounts of money. Essentially, the Paroli system is derived from the Latin name “Par” which means “one that is equal”. And being […]

Optimal Strategies To Bet On The MLB Postseason

So, it’s the end of the regular season and your team has won nearly 60 percent–or even more–of its games. Maybe the team even has the best record in its division or in the entire majors. That should probably mean that the MLB playoffs will be breezy for that team, right? Well, not necessarily, at […]

MLB Betting Handicapping Pitchers After A No-Hitter

Every pitcher dreams of a no-hitter performance at least once in their career. Very few, however, manage to accomplish it, no wonder the media and pretty much every baseball lover gets to make a big deal whenever a player is coming off a no-no. For most recreational bettors, a pitcher coming off a no-hitter is […]