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Rick Perry Odds to Win Dancing with the Stars 23

While former Texas Gov. Rick Perry would like nothing better than to ‘Texas two-step; his way to the Dancing With the Stars 23 Mirrorball trophy, according to the sportsbetting odds released this week, Perry doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of it actually happening. The 66-year old former Republican presidential candidate will join the show’s 23d […]

Laurie Hernandez Favored in Betting Odds to Win DWTS 23

There are favorites and then there are true favorites! Take U.S. gymnast Laurie Hernandez for example. In case you have not checked the current betting odds yet, Las Vegas oddsmakers have installed the Olympic champion and balance beam silver medalist as the favorite to bag the coveted Mirrorball trophy on the 23rd edition of the wildly […]

Ryan Lochte’s Odds to Win DWTS 23

Is Ryan Lochte a contender to Win Dancing With the Stars 23? No matter how much the truth hurts, unlike Lochte, I can not tell a lie! Pretty much, universally disgraced American swimmer Ryan Lochte is apparently, a contender to win the 23rd edition of the wildly popular Dancing With the Stars. While Lochte himself […]

Calvin “Megatron” Johnson Odds to Win Dancing with the Stars 23

Former Detroit Lions superstar Calvin “Megatron” Johnson  may have been the best wide receiver, but if many of his former teammates are to be believed, he doesn’t stand much of a chance of winning Dancing With the Stars 23. According to the latest betting odds released, oddsmakers have installed Johnson has the fourth-best favorite to […]