Star Wars The Last Jedi – Episode 8 Odds on Who Will Die Next

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*Updated November 23rd, 2017

Fans of the Star Wars saga were heartbroken when Han Solo was killed by the new villain Kylo Ren in the final act of Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens. Han played a crucial role in the first Trilogy and was regarded as one of the most important characters and his unexpected death was taken as “a bitter surprise”, so having that in mind, we have released odds on what Star Wars character will die in The Last Jedi. Before the release of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, hardcore and casual fans raised a wave of  speculation about what would happen in the film. Theories ranged from Princess Leia becoming “Queen Leia” to some ridiculous plots such as Obi Wan’s return or Jar Jar Binks role as the new Sith Lord.

Similarly, rumors about what is going to happen in the main series’ next film have already begun to circulate, including some suggestions that new heroine Rey may turn out to be Skywalker’s daughter and that Kylo Ren is a secret Jedi agent.

We all have to admit that Han’s death at the hands of his son was an unexpected turn, many of us are concerned about what beloved character will die in the next episode.

Star Wars The Last Jedi – Episode 8 Odds on Who Will Die Next


Filming of “Star Wars: Episode 8” concluded a few months back. According to Mark Hamill, production on Star Wars 8 is so secret it’s like working for a government agency, meaning that most rumors of “The Last Jedi” are nothing but simple speculations. Although, we must say, it was pretty hilarious when he considered placing a bet on who is Rey’s father, once he found out we had those betting odds.

The only thing we know is that the next film will pick up directly where the last one finished, and while Rey’s role as the next Jedi savior is likely to be the main plot in the Star Wars sequel, a major death in “Episode 8” is expected to have a huge impact across the galaxy. So while you we another year for opening night, distract yourself with some of the odds and props released by for the next episode of this beloved blockbuster.


  • Rey: +8000 (80/1)
  • Kylo Ren:  +2500 (25/1)
  • Leia: +5000 (50/1)
  • General Hux: +700 (7/1)
  • Poe Dameron:  +8000 (80/1)
  • Luke Skywalker: +200 (2/1)
  • Captain Phasma: +1500 (15/1)
  • Maz Kanata: +400 (4/1)
  • Supreme Leader Snoke: +4000 (40/1)
  • Finn: +8000 (80/1)
  • Chewbacca: +6600 (66/1)
  • C-3PO: +5000 (50/1)
  • R2-D2: +5000 (50/1)
  • Admiral Ackbar:  +6600 (66/1)