NBA Betting Analysis: Are the Sacramento Kings Going to Implode?

Posted by Daniel Strum on Friday,November 20, 2015 8:24, EDT in

After eight games, the Sacramento Kings sat with a record of 1-7 as many NBA betting fans might have noticed. After the San Antonio Spurs had dealt the Kings a particularly embarrassing loss, Kings star DeMarcus Cousins went off on coach George Karl in front of the whole team in a rash of profanities that, on some teams, would have earned him a suspension; in Sacramento, it merely led to a meeting of the minds.

NBA Betting Analysis: Are the Sacramento Kings Going to Implode?



The Kings have been an object of interest for the entire NBA this season. Why? They had three different head coaches last year, the last of which was Karl, who openly lobbied for the job. They had a 29-53 record. However, DeMarcus Cousins has ten new teammates this year and is excited about the season. However, no matter what happens, drama is likely to ensue.

Yes, the Kings have won three straight since that debacle of a night, with Cousins scoring 36 or more points in each win. He has apparently added a three-point shot to his arsenal of weapons that he has. Having a tall player who can jack up threes with success presents a real challenge on defense, as the opposing big man has to decide whether to move out and defend. If he does, Cousins can use a ball fake to get around the defender and have an open road to the basket.

Cousins isn’t the only potential powder keg on this team. Rajon Rondo is the Kings’ point guard. Last year, Rondo basically caused the Dallas Mavericks to implode during the first round of the playoffs, during which head coach Rick Carlisle basically sent Rondo home a couple of games into the series against Houston, because Rondo had essentially quit on the team.

If the new mix of Kings can buy into what Karl is selling, this is a team that could contend for a playoff spot in the West. It’s not like Karl is some first-year coach. He has Hall of Fame credentials and has won everywhere he has been. It will be an uphill fight; during summer league, Karl and Cousins would sit across the gym from each other, with each making no secret of the fact that he did not trust the other. The two had a battle in social media, and even though things seemed more positive when the season started, when Cousins went down for four games with an Achilles strain, the stress of the situation began to build.

Rondo could end up being the leader of this crew. In Dallas, Carlisle expected Rondo to run the plays that he called. Karl’s philosophy is to give the point guard the freedom to lead the team, a dynamic in which Rondo thrives. Karl will also give Cousins a lot more freedom, because that’s always been his trend.

So as the season goes on, expect Karl, Cousins, Rondo and the rest to find a rhythm that will irritate some of the other teams in the West. That’s how Karl’s teams have always gone. Instead of imploding, expect the Kings to agitate – and to end up with one of the last few playoff spots in the West.