NFL Betting Advice for 2016 Season Win Total

Posted by Jordan Walters on Thursday,July 7, 2016 8:34, EDT in

Teams will start reporting to NFL training camps in less than three weeks, and the first exhibition game is barely a month away. Being as this is the Twitter generation, here are my over/under NFL betting picks for each team — listed by division — for the coming season and 140 characters or less reason why.

NFL Betting Advice for 2016 Season Win Total


Buffalo Bills: Push on 8. The under is a -130 favorite, but I like the Bills’ running game and defense. The NFL’s longest playoff drought continues.

Miami Dolphins: Under 7 at +110. The Fins have a huge question mark at running back.

New England Patriots: Under 10.5 at +120. This is simply because of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. Pats will finish 10-6.

New York Jets: Over 8 at +120. This is only if the Jets do re-sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as many still expect.


Baltimore Ravens: Over 8.5 at +105. No team had worse luck or injury fortune in 2015. Thus Ravens are due good luck in 2016.

Cincinnati Bengals: Over 9.5 at -130. Bengals have most all-around talent in division and should win it.

Cleveland Browns: Under 4.5 at even. This is quite simply the least-talented roster in the NFL. Browns maybe win 3.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Under 10.5 at +105. If Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell stay healthy, it’s NFL’s best offense. But defensively?


Houston Texans: Over 8.5 at -125. I guess I’m a believer in new starting quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Indianapolis Colts: Under 9.5 at -120. Which Andrew Luck will we see in 2016? And can he stay healthy?

Jacksonville Jaguars: Over 7.5 at -120. This team has some really good young talent and is on the rise.

Tennessee Titans: Under 5.5 at +135. A few building blocks like QB Marcus Mariota but still lacking much.


Denver Broncos: Over 9 at -125. Broncos won’t win another Super Bowl but should reach 10 wins with that defense.

Kansas City Chiefs: Under 9.5 at -105. Just not a fan of QB Alex Smith and that offense.

Oakland Raiders: Over 8.5 at -125. Raiders are a lot like Jaguars — on the way up. Oakland could win this division.

San Diego Chargers: Under 7 at -105. Bolts have Philip Rivers and not much else in perhaps their final season in San Diego.


Dallas Cowboys: Under 9.5 at -130. As usual, Cowboys are overvalued just because they are America’s Team.

New York Giants: Over 8 at -140. Offense should be great if a running game is found. Will all the defensive additions solve that side of ball?

Philadelphia Eagles: Under 7.5 at -165. How long until we see rookie quarterback Carson Wentz?

Washington Redskins: Under 7.5 at -115. Their division title — and Kirk Cousins‘ play — was a fluke in 2015.


Chicago Bears: Under 7.5 at -120. Bears are on right track under coach John Fox an GM Ryan Pace but won’t be playoff contenders until at least 2017.

Detroit Lions: Under 7 at -105. The Lions are going to miss Calvin Johnson, the best receiver in franchise history.

Green Bay Packers: Over 10.5 at -165. Packers have No. 1 receiver Jordy Nelson back from injury and they will take back the NFC North title.

Minnesota Vikings: Under 9.5 at even money. This one’s tight — I see Vikings going 9-7. If only they had a better QB.


Atlanta Falcons: Under 7.5 at -135. Julio Jones might be NFL’s best receiver. But Falcons don’t have much else.

Carolina Panthers: Over 10.5 at -115. It’s often tough for Super Bowl losers to return to playoffs the following season. Panthers should, though.

New Orleans Saints: Under 7 at -115. Saints were almost historically bad on defense in 2015. They won’t be much better in 2016.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Under 7.5 at -130. Will Bucs regret firing coach Lovie Smith after signs of progress in 2015?

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Arizona Cardinals: Over 9.5 at -150. Cards are a Super Bowl contender if Carson Palmer stays healthy. They are a six-win team without him.

Los Angeles Rams: Under 7.5 at -135. There will be growing pains for No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff.

San Francisco 49ers: Under 5.5 at -115. The Niners are essentially the Cleveland Browns of the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks: Over 10.5 at -135 on betting lines. Might this be the last Super Bowl hurrah for this group? Some key players are getting up there in age.