2017 NFL Super Bowl 52 Odds For Every Team

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Super Bowl 51 hasn’t even been played yet, but you have 30 sets of fans already looking ahead to next season, with many of them wondering what their chances of becoming a champion are. The draft and offseason moves will dictate a lot of that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little crystal ball gazing right now. Here is what the Super Bowl 52 betting odds are for each team, right now!!

2017 NFL Super Bowl 52 Odds For Every Team



New England Patriots 5-1 – It’s becoming increasingly more difficult not to make this teams the favorite every single year, and it will probably remain that way until such times as Tom Brady starts to show his age.

Dallas Cowboys 8-1 – The rookies now have one year’s experience in the NFL, and if they can avoid a sophomore slump, the Dallas Cowboys should be strong again, especially with some upgrades on D.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1 – Big Ben is talking retirement, but I don’t see it happening. All the major components on this team are signed through next season, and that young defense will improve some more.

Atlanta Falcons 12-1 – Like the Steelers, this team is loaded offensively, and has a lot of young guys on defense. Experience gained this season should carry over to next.

Green Bay Packers 12-1 – The Packers have been a playoff shoe-in for as long as anyone can remember, and it may have been SB51 for them had they not been hot by injuries this season.

Seattle Seahawks 12-1 – Another team that suffered this season because of critical injuries. The core of this group is still in place and still very talented.

Denver Broncos 16-1 – The biggest issue for this team is at the QB spot. If they can get that figured out, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to compete net season.

Kansas City Chiefs 16-1 – The Chiefs have been great in the regular season the past 2 seasons, but have come unglued in the playoffs. They need to work that out to take the next step, just like the Falcons did.

Arizona Cardinals 20-1 – The takeaway from this season was that the window of opportunity slammed closed for the Cardinals. With 19 unrestricted free agents on the books, this team may get blown up in the offseason.

Baltimore Ravens 20-1 – Joe Flacco has reached the pinnacle as an NFL QB, but he has also been a part of the reason for past Ravens failures. What will he be next season?

Carolina Panthers 20-1 – Was last season a Super Bowl jinx, or was it a sign that this team really isn’t as good as we thought? I guess we’ll find out in 2017.

Indianapolis Colts 20-1 – With the firing of GM Ryan Grigson, the consensus is that this organization is already improved. They have a great QB, but need more help to take a step forward.

Minnesota Vikings 20-1 – Word is that Teddy Bridgewater is going to be out for all of 2017, which means that Sam Bradford will be the man. Can they win with him under center?

New York Giants 20-1 – This is a team that will see their odds improve with the addition of a couple of offensive weapons, as the defense looks set to dominate.

Oakland Raiders 20-1 – These odds seem a little low, but they may be that way because it’s going to be interesting to see how Derek Carr recovers from that broken arm.

Miami Dolphins 30-1 – Yes, the Dolphins got blown out in the Wild Card this season, but making the playoffs with a young team is a real sign of progress.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30-1 – Jameis Winston proved that he is a legitimate NFL QB this season, and with a few more additions to the offense, this team could be dangerous next season.

Cincinnati Bengals 40-1 – A big step backwards for the Bengals this season, and another team whose window of opportunity appears to be closed without some big changes.

Houston Texans 40-1 – Given that they paid QB Brock Osweiler so much money, expect him to be the man again next season. No chance of a championship of he delivers the same performance level as this season.

Philadelphia Eagles 40-1 – Carson Wentz had a good rookie season at QB, but he needs a lot of help if this team is to be a serious contender.

Tennessee Titans 40-1 – A solid 9-7 campaign this year proved that this is a team on the rise. Given the division they play in, one win more next season could see them playoff bound.

Washington Redskins 40-1 – This is a team with a lot of decisions to make this offseason, starting with whether to pay QB Kirk Cousin the sort of money his stats would suggest he deserves.

Buffalo Bills 60-1 – This is essentially a team without a QB. How is it possible to win without an established guy under center?

Detroit Lions 60-1 – The odds of this team are more about the other teams in the conference than they are about the Lions. A good season this year, but more help needed if they want to compete with the NFC big boys.

Jacksonville Jaguars 60-1 – A team that isn’t awful defensively, but which still has to figure out if Blake Bortles is their QB of the future.

New Orleans Saints 60-1 – With Drew Brees at the helm, this team is always going to put points on the board. It’s stopping the other team from scoring that is their big issue.

LA Chargers 60-1 – A new home, and hopefully a season without as many injuries as they had to face this year. This was a team that lost a lot of close ones this season, and staying healthy may help flip that trend.


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Chicago Bears 100-1 – There is little to suggest that a team who have missed the playoffs 9 of the last 10 seasons would suddenly turn things around in 2017

New York Jets 100-1 – A team that is admittedly in a rebuilding phase, and which is yet to even lay the foundation.

LA Rams 100-1 – New head coach Sean McAvay is an offensive guru, but he has very little to work with in LA other than Todd Gurley.

Cleveland Browns 300-1 – Forget the Super Bowl, this doesn’t even look like a team capable of getting 3 or 4 wins on the season.

San Francisco 49ers 300-1 – The 49ers just hired an unproven commodity in John Lynch as their GM. It may be a spark of genius or a total disaster. My money is on the latter.