NFL Betting Teasers: The Do’s And Don’ts

Posted by Eric Williams on Thursday,January 12, 2017 3:36, EDT in

If you’re an NFL betting enthusiast that wants to know more about the betting strategy that is known as teaser bets, then you’re in luck. You see, over my two nearly two decades as a handicapper, I have come to find that teaser betting is arguably the No. 1 way to increase your annual NFL betting bankroll both, swiftly – and significantly.

Thanks to the expert betting advice that you’re about to get, you’re going to find out all about the do’s and don’ts of making NFL teaser bets. Let’s get started with a definition of just what a teaser bet is.

Here’s A Closer Look At The NFL Betting Teasers: The Do’s And Don’ts



Teaser Bet

A Teaser wager is a bet on two or more teams or selections. The difference between a teaser bet and a parlay wager is that in a teaser, you adjust (tease) the line in your favor.

For example: Let’s say the Miami Dolphins are favored by seven points (-7) in one game and the Green Bay Packers are favored by 10 points in a second game. A six-point, two-team teaser would adjust the point spread six points in your favor; i.e. Miami would now be favored by one point (7 – 6 = 1) and Green Bay would now be favored by four points (10 – 6 = 4). In this scenario, players are betting that Green Bay will win by more than four points (10 – 6 = 4) and Miami will win by more than one point (7 – 6 = 1).

In the event of a tie or push in a two-team teaser, your wager is refunded. ANY LOSS IN A TEASER CONSTITUTES A LOSS FOR THE ENTIRE WAGER. A tie or push in a three-to-seven team teaser will reduce the wager to the next lowest level. (i.e. a six-team teaser with a push becomes a five-team teaser).

The main variable with teasers is the number of points that the spread or total lines are being moved by. With football teasers you’ll find the vast majority of bookmakers and online betting sites offer three options – 6, 6.5 and 7 points. With basketball the three options are usually 4, 4.5 and 5 points. These aren’t set in stone though, and some places will offer even more flexibility. Okay, now on to the do’s and don’ts of teaser wagering.


Get the Best Teaser Odds that you can. One of the basic strategies of making teaser bets is to get the best odds possible. When using basic strategy, a lot of novice gaming enthusiasts forget that the best odds possible is as much a requirement as any other strategy. If you plan on placing a lot of teasers, then you should use a betting site or bookmaker that offers plenty of options and attractive odds for this type of wager.


While a teaser bet is considered an advanced wager, do not make the mistake of thinking a teaser bet is too complicated for you. A teaser wager can be made by even the most inexperienced bettor. To simplify the thinking behind a teaser bet, think of your wager as two separate wagers that you get to move the line on in your favor.  Remember though, you have to win both ends of your wager in order to cash in.


Carefully choose the number of teams and points for your teaser bet. For football betting in particular, teaser wagers are available in a variety of ways. You can choose the number of teams you want to include and the number of points you want to move the spread by.

Of course, the odds then vary accordingly, but typically, you’ll find the following odds available. For a 2-team teaser, you’ll get either…

6 points: -110
6.5 points: -120
7 points: -130


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Tease all underdogs from +1.5-2.5 points by six points to +7.5-8.5 points. Teasing underdogs of this margin is just a wise thing to do. Dogs that are getting less than three points clearly have  chance to win outright in the minds of odds makers, so giving them an additional six points to make them + 7.5 or 8.5 points makes them a near lock to cash in.


Tease all favorites from -7.5-8.5 by six points to -1.5-2.5 points. If a team is favored by just over a touchdown but less than 10 points, it means they’re likely clearly better team than their opponent and will have an excellent chance of winning the game by at least a field goal, making them a virtual lock as a less than 3-point favorite.


Do not, under any circumstances, add more teams than necessary on any teaser wager. While it’s true you’ll be getting more points to play with, the fact of the matter is that adding more teams means you have to have more of them play out perfectly in order for you to cash in. One extra team on a teaser bet can often be one wager too many.