Indianapolis Colts 2018 NFL Win/Loss Odds Prediction

Written by on July 12, 2018

Injuries are a major part of life in the NFL, and they can quickly change the fortunes of even the best teams in the league. You need only look at the Green Bay Packers of the last couple of seasons to see just how negatively injuries can affect the chances of a team. Another group that has seen their fortunes decline due to injury are the Indianapolis Colts. In their case, it is the loss of QB Andrew Luck that has proven to be their downfall. At his best, Luck is one of the best QB’s in the NFL, but lingering shoulder issues have seen him sidelined for most of the past two seasons, casting doubt on how effective he can be if he does return for the 2018 NFL Season.The Colts have a huge question mark hanging over them, making their 2018 season one that is tough to predict. MyBookie Sportsbook has their win total at O/U 7 ½ games this season, so let’s see if they can cross that mark.

Indianapolis Colts 2018 NFL Win/Loss Odds Prediction

Indianapolis Colts Division (AFC South)

  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts 2018 Schedule

  • Cincinnati Bengals (Week 1)
  • Washington Redskins (Week 2)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (Week 3)
  • Houston Texans (Week 4)
  • New England Patriots (Week 5)
  • New York Jets (Week 6)
  • Buffalo Bills (Week 7)
  • Oakland Raiders (Week 8)
  • Bye (Week 9)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 10)
  • Tennessee Titans (Week 11)
  • Miami Dolphins (Week 12)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 13)
  • Houston Texans (Week 14)
  • Dallas Cowboys (Week 15)
  • New York Giants (Week 16)
  • Tennessee Titans (Week 17)

Week by Week Analysis

Games for Weeks 1-4

The Colts open at home against a Cincinnati Bengals team that has been on the decline for the past few seasons, which gives Indy a great shot at getting off to a winning start. Things might not be so favorable in Week 2 when they head on the road to face a Redskins team with Alex Smith at QB. A trip to the Super Bowl champions the following week should probably bring another loss, while they could potentially get back to winning ways with a home win over the Texans, a team they beat twice last season. Week 4 will end with the Colts at 2-2.

Games for Weeks 5-8

Week 5 looks to be a tough one for the Colts, as it sees them go on to the road to face the AFC Champions Patriots, where a loss seems the most likely outcome. They could well bounce back with a road win over the Jets the following week, though. I also like them to take out the Bills at home in Week 7, although I think they are on to another beating in Week 8 when they go on the road to face the Raiders. At the halfway point of the season, I have the Colts playing .500 ball.

Games for Weeks 10-13

After a bye in Week 9, the Colts will get back to business by hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game likely to end in defeat. Indy then hosts a Tennessee team that is likely to be challenging for the division crown, which should mean a loss for the Colts.The Colts are underdogs to win the AFC South in the 2018 NFL Season.The next game up is a winnable one against the Miami Dolphins, that should get the Colts a much-needed win before they drop another one to the Jaguars in Week 13. I now have Indianapolis at 5-7 as they head into the final 4 weeks of the season.

Games for Weeks 14-17

There is a solid chance that the season ends with a whimper, as the closing run of games is tough. The lone bright spot here should be a home win against the Giants in Week 15, but I also see losses to the Texans and Titans away and the Cowboys at home. That would leave the Colts at 6-10, an improvement over their 4-win season last year, but UNDER the 7 ½ game mark.