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Complaint | Share your Experience

What happened? let us know what we did wrong, maybe we can make things right… perhaps you think this is the MyBookie.AG SCAM? or want to leave a MyBooike.AG WARNING!, here is the right place. remember this is a public forum and everything said is permanent, and you could probably also contact us privately to resolve any problems, that said go ahead and voice your concerns and complaints here.

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Customer Complaints at MyBookie Sportsbook & Casino

Not everyone agrees with our statement that “We offer the best sports betting around the world” – MyBookie.AG, take a look at what our customers had to say.

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3.1 rating
3.1 out of 5 stars (based on 246 reviews)
Very good35%

Chat feature

4.0 rating
2 weeks ago

After one week of playing poker I have a had a good experience. However, I would like the site to make their chat feature more user friendly. Currently they combine a readout of player action with chat and it is almost impossible to carry on a conversation.


Solid, no issues

4.0 rating
2 weeks ago

So far so good, I’ve never had issue cashing out. I play small bets but have built up to 3k and had no issues cashing out. One time I had a bonus on my account (I’m usually not accepting them when I deposit). When I asked them to remove from my account so I could avoid the rollover requirements, they removed it and let me cash out my winnings. Pretty solid customer service in my opinion as I don’t doubt that I accidentally left the option to “yes” to accept the bonus when I made that one deposit.


Great site, quick payouts, great bonuses, but can still improve.

4.0 rating
4 weeks ago

MyBookie is one of 4 sites I use primarily for sports and casino. They have great bonuses with standard rollover requirements. The two spots I wish for improvement are with customer service and payout amounts. $2000 max payout a week for a site this large seems low. Also I have had difficulties with customer service reps… while easy to get in touch, not all seem knowledgeable about the casino games, and have been treated rude and even hung up on before. Although rare, it is the reason why I cannot give 5 stars.


Slowest at grading I have ever experienced in 25 plus years of on line wagering!

3.0 rating
1 month ago

Bet receiving very good. Wager grading slowest ever experienced in many years especially on game days when balance is down.


Response from MyBookie Online Sportsbook

You’ve provided us with great feedback. As for grading times, we need to wait until the official result is confirmed, though we are constantly working to settle wagers quickly as possible. Please keep in mind you can contact us in regards your account and we will be more than glad to assist you.

Solid book to have as a part of your arsenal

4.0 rating
1 month ago

Easy deposit and timely withdrawals with bitcoin option. Clean and appealing site, easy to navigate, good on mobile with quick log in access.
Downsides -Low prop limits, limiting on parlay options. No cash out option with a bet