It’s Not Too Late to Win Big!

With more than $37,500 worth of quarterly prizes still up for grabs, the $300,000 Guaranteed SuperContest is far from over! Pick 5 games against the spread each week and battle for your chance to take home the $125,000 grand prize! Last year’s champion won with just 60 points!


How to Play our SuperContest:

  • Pick 5 games against the spread each week.
  • Your weekly score ATS is calculated.
  • Score the most points at the end of the season and win $125,000!

Score the most points in a 4-week period:

You get 4 additional shots to win on top of your season long total. Every 4 Weeks the player that scores the most points takes home $12,500.

  • Week 5 – Week 8 Win $12,500
  • Week 9 – Week 12 Win $12,500
  • Week 13 – Week 16 Win $12,500

How do I score points?

  • Get the game right ATS = 1
  • Push = 0.5
  • All other outcomes: 0
The most points you can score in a week is 5.
The most points you can score in season is 80.

What is the price to enter the $300,000 Guaranteed Supercontest?

Each $300,000 Guaranteed Supercontest entry is $100.

How many times can I enter the Supercontest?

You can have up to 5 entries in play simultaneously.

How many players win prizes?

The top 230 scores win cash prizes.

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SuperContest Payouts / Winners Table

Place Prize
1st Place – Winner $125,000
2nd Place $22,500
3rd Place $10,000
4th Place $7,500
5th Place $5,000
6th Place $4,500
7th Place $4,000
8th Place $3,500
9th Place $3,000
10th Place $2,500
11th to 15th Place $2,000
Place Prize
16th to 20th Place $1,500
21st to 30th Place $1,000
31st to 40th Place $800
41st to 50th Place $600
51st to 70th Place $500
71st to 90th Place $400
91st to 110th Place $350
111th to 135th Place $300
136th to 160th Place $250
161st to 185th Place $225
186th to 230th Place $200
**Please Note | We are in no way affiliated with the official Westgate SuperContest held in Las Vegas, or any of their SuperContest Proxy events.

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GREAT Promotions

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9 months ago

MyBookie’s software and lines are in line with other books, but they really stand out with the promotions. They are more frequent and offer better deals than their competitors. I’ll never go back to another book.

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My Bookie Review

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I enjoy using your service. At times the website is sluggish but manageable. Most of the agents are extremely helpful, but there are those occasions that more training or knowledge of the service should be implemented for a better customer service experience.


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Thank you for such a great service!


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