APR 11 - How To Get Through A Losing Betting Streak

How To Get Through A Losing Betting Streak

Written by on April 11, 2017

For all the experienced betting enthusiasts out there, you may already know that losing streaks, no matter how long or short they may be, (we want short ones) are a part of the territory of being a consistent sports betting buff. However, if you’re new to online betting or if you don’t know the key tips to help you snap a losing skid early, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a handful of expert betting tips that can help you snap a losing streak no matter the sports genre you’re betting on. Now, let’s get started.

How To Get Through A Losing Betting Streak


Fewer, But Finer Choices

The first thing I suggest doing when you’re in the midst of a losing streak is to make fewer, but finer betting choices. Many sports betting aficionados may believe that making more wagers is the right way to snap a losing streak, but in reality, you want to do the polar-opposite. Instead of making a half-dozen NFL picks on the weekend, you should narrow your betting selections to your top two or three picks based on the value you believe they are offering. By doing this, you’ll feel much more confident about your betting selections as opposed to make a bunch of wagers and feeling really confident about maybe half of them.

Look for Virtual Locks

Again, narrow your choices by looking for games and matchups that you deem as a ‘virtual lock’. This simply means that if you believe the Indianapolis Colts are going to lay an emphatic smackdown on the AFC South rival Jacksonville Jaguars for several ‘concrete reasons’ while covering the spread as 6-point home favorites with room to spare, then you need to make that wager and any other wager you view as a virtual lock after you’ve done all of your matchup and ATS homework. While nothing is a ‘lock’ in sports betting, the fact of the matter is that many matchup do offer far more value than others for their own specific reasons whether it’s the fact that a team struggles on the road or they simply struggle to beat a perennial division rival.

Get Another Perspective

Many times when you’re in the midst of a losing streak, you may need to simply get another perspective and one that differs from your own. Whether you turn to a trusted betting friend or trusted sportsbook betting website that offers expert betting information and free picks like we do at MyBookie.ag, getting another bettor or expert’s opinion can do wonders for your own outlook on certain matchups. So, there you have it, a trio of expert betting tips to help you break out of a betting losing streak. Happy hunting!