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Determining Betting Impact Of Injured Players

Written by on May 10, 2017

When looking to determine how much of a betting impact an injured player has on his team’s chances of winning and losing. I’ve got a handful of great tips that will help you determine just how much of a betting impact an injured player has on his team and their chances of winning, depending on the sport, of course. Okay, let’s get to it and take a look at the latest betting odds here.

Here’s A Closer Look At The Determining Betting Impact Of Injured Players


Who’s Hurt?

The first thing you need to know is that, depending on who’s hurt, the odds surrounding that team and the game they’re going into, can be altered quite dramatically. For instance, let’s say you want to back the Green Bay Packers a 6-point home favorites against the visiting Detroit Lions, but Aaron Rodgers is banged-up and questionable to suit up. Well, you’ve got to know that, Rodgers’ absence will have a direct effect on the game’s odds – and Green Bay’s chances of winning and covering the spread. In this instance, you may want to either back the Lions, give the Packers a few more points to play with as part of a teaser wager or avoid betting on the matchup altogether. Now, if the Packers were to lose starting Pro Bowl linebacker Clay Matthews for the same matchup but Rodgers is on the field, then you should know that the line movement on the Packers will be a lot smaller if Matthews is out of the lineup as opposed to Rodgers. Make sure you know who’s injured and adjust your wager accordingly. Remember, the more important the player, the more likely it is the odds will change with them out of the lineup and the more difficult it will be for that specific to win and cover the spread.

Who’s the Backup?

The next thing you need to know about betting on a team with an injured player is, who’s the backup? For instance, let’s say that you want to back the Toronto Raptors (I don’t know why you would) and point guard Kyle Lowry is out of the lineup for a regular season game against Philadelphia. In this case, the Raptors will be without a star player, but they’ve also got a quality veteran backup in Cory Joseph that won’t allow Toronto’s play to fall off too much without Lowry in the lineup. Conversely, if the Oklahoma City Thunder were to lose point guard Russell Westbrook, then you’ve got to know that their backup point guard (whoever that is) is going to be a far cry off from what Westbrook provides on a nightly basis, thereby affecting the Thunder’s chances of winning and covering the spread far more than a team with a quality backup at the point guard position. Make sure you know who’s replacing the injured starter and analyze jut what that backup brings to the table.

For Better or Worse?

When some stars are injured, some teams band together in unity to replace what they’re missing from their star while other teams almost literally start coming apart at the seams. For instance, let’s say the an Antonio Spurs lose future Hall of Fame floor leader Tony Parker like they recently did in their playoff matchup against Houston while the L.A. Clippers lose superstar Chris Paul. You need to know that the Spurs, because of Gregg Popovich’s ‘next-man-up’ coaching style, have a much better chance of banding together than the dysfunctional Clippers who are far more likely to start infighting than ‘manning up.’ When you want to determine the betting impact an injured player has on his team or the outcome of a specific matchup, follow the aforementioned plan and you’ll have a much better chance of maximizing your betting picks, no matter the sport!