Round Robin Bets Explained

Round Robin Bets Explained

Written by on May 19, 2016

A Round Robin bet is a simplistic and time-saving way of online betting multiple parlay all at one time. In Round Robin bets, a bettor can select between three and eight betting lines and the combine them into betting parlays of two to six teams. Generally, this betting strategy comes with increased stake requirements, but this also begets the advantage that you only need or more winning selections to guarantee a return for the entire Round Robin. You should, however, note that if any single selection loses, then the winnings can reduce drastically as well.

Round Robin Bets Explained


Example of a Round Robin Parlay

Assume you strongly feel that the following NBA lines will lead to wins Chicago Bulls -3 Los Angeles Lakers +7 Golden State Warriors -6 Now, instead of creating a 3-team parlay for the above lines, you choose to place a Round Robin bet in an Online Sportsbook and create all possible 2-team parlays from the above 3 lines.

Parlay #1:

Chicago Bulls -3 Los Angeles Lakers +7 Wager $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Parlay #2:

Chicago Bulls -3 Golden State Warriors -6 Wager $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1 odds)

Parlay #3:

Los Angeles Lakers +7 Golden State Warriors -6 Wager $5 to Win $13 (2.6/1) In the above example, your total wager is $15. In the Round Robin bet, your betting ticket will be shown as three 2-team parlays with $5 bet each. If successful, the bets will be settled using the usual parlay betting rules. Traditionally, you’d have placed the same bets individually on single parlays in a long while, but the Round Robin is faster, as it allows you to place your wagers quickly before lines move.

Further Notes on Round Robin Bets

If you decide to select more than 3 lines or teams in your Round Robin bets, then the number of wagers goes up with the possible amount of combination of bets. This is the reason we were saying Round Robins can be very stake-expensive as you choose more lines. But then again, you will be making more wagers with chances of making more profits, making it all worth the risk. Essentially, this is why Round Robin bets are encouraged to bettors who feel strongly on certain picks, as it allows them to maximize their profit potential. To understand how much you’d make or lose from any given combination of Round Robin selections, you can simply use a Round Robin Calculator, which is specially designed to help understand how winnings change with given different permutations. In addition to the standard parlay rules, a Round Robin bet must adhere to the following rules:  
  • You have to select a minimum of three lines and a maximum of eight lines
  • Depending on the number of betting lines you select, you can create 2-to-6-team parlays.
  Most online betting sportsbooks will have the Round Robin bet option as long as their engine is developed to accommodate it. Matter of fact, all the major sportsbooks I know of have an option for placing Round Robin bets. In case you aren’t sure if your bookie has the option, you can always ask them on their customer care pages.