Introduction To Bankroll-Boosting Pleaser Bets

Posted by Eric Williams on Wednesday,March 29, 2017 2:45, EST in

If you like stringing wagers together as part of a potentially bankroll-boosting parlay or teaser wager, then you should know that there is another way for you to cash in big by putting multiple bets together.

You see, pleaser bets are another way for you to cash in big by betting on two or more teams, although you should know that successfully nailing a pleaser wager is one of the most difficult ventures in all of online sports betting. So, what is a pleaser wager?

Analyzing The Introduction To Bankroll-Boosting Pleaser Bets



A pleaser is basically the polar-opposite of a teaser bet. Instead of ‘getting’ points in your favor, you give them away. Pleaser bets are also generally only available on football and basketball games. A pleaser bet is normally between two and 10 teams and can be seriously profitable since more teams you add, the bigger the payout is going to be.

For example, a $100 wager on a 2-team pleaser will pay you $600, while a 6-team pleaser for the same amount would end up paying you an insane $30,000. Remember though, not only does the bet get tougher to win with the more teams you add, but a pleaser wager also offers worst odds of any sports bet.

Here is look at the payout chart for pleaser bet wagers.

7 Point Football Pleaser (ties push)

2 team 8-1
3 team 25-1
4 team 60-1
5 team 150-1
6 team 450-1
7 team 700-1
8 team 1000-1
9 team 1350-1
10 team 1750-1

NFL Pleaser Bet Example:

Let’s say these are some of the lines for the current NFL week:

Cleveland Browns +8 vs. Kansas City Chiefs -8
Pleaser Line
Cleveland Browns +1 vs. Kansas City Chiefs -15

If you like the Chiefs at -15, then good for you, it could happen against the perennially pitiful Browns. Just know you’re going to need at least one more game where you’re giving away points that you pick correctly in order to nail this difficult wager.

Pleaser betting can be extremely profitable, but the bets can be tricky to cash in on and don’t offer very good odds. Still…