Carolina Panthers Schedule Odds & Analysis

Carolina Panthers Schedule Odds & Analysis

Written by on May 15, 2020

While some teams are able to navigate each offseason in a way that allows them to stay competitive over a long stretch of times, there are many more who need to blow things up and start from scratch. That is basically where the Carolina Panthers are heading into this season. They have bid farewell to veteran players like Cam Newton, Gregg Olsen, and Luke Kuechly, and are now trying to build a new team under a new coach. That is not something that usually happens overnight, though, so we might be looking at a bit of a project over the next couple of seasons. The general consensus appears to be that the Panthers will be propping up the NFC South at the end of the coming season, so let’s take a look at their schedule to see if that is accurate and their NFL odds for this upcoming season.

Carolina Panthers Schedule Analysis

Strength of Schedule

 One of the biggest issues that the Carolina Panthers are going to face this season is that their division is probably going to be stronger than it was last year. The New Orleans Saints still look like a Super Bowl Contender, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gone all out to build a team that can compete with the Saints. The Falcons are still a bit of a question mark, but they have enough offensive firepower to cause any team some real trouble. The Panthers 2020 schedule will be against teams who put together a combined record of 127-127-2 last year.

Teddy Bridgewater: Franchise QB or Placeholder?

 At the start of his career, it looked as though Teddy Bridgewater was the QB of the future for the Minnesota Vikings. One horrific injury and a decent back-up run later, Bridgewater is going to be the man to replace Cam Newton in Carolina this coming season. Whether he retains that job depends on a couple of factors. Can he stay healthy and deliver the goods, or will the Panthers tank hard and go after either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields in next year’s draft? This is going to be an interesting story to watch develop.

Primetime and Featured Games

 Just as they had last season, the Panthers will have a single game in primetime in 2020, which is sure to be a bit of a disappointment to fans of the NFC South. Given how things went over the last couple of seasons, though, it is perhaps not a big surprise that the Panthers are not getting much love from the networks. The lone game that they do have in primetime this year, though, is a decent one, as it will see them host the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night in Week 8. If the Panthers have real designs on not finishing at the bottom of the heap in the NFC South, this is a game that they really need to win.

The part of the season where things could potentially begin to go seriously wrong for the Panthers begins in Week 7, when they hit the road to face the Saints. That is followed by their primetime game, after which they will face the Chiefs and the Buccaneers.

The Carolina Panthers Complete Schedule

  • Week 1: Sept. 13 vs. Raiders, 1 p.m., CBS
  • Week 2: Sept. 20a at Buccaneers, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 3: Sept. 27 at Chargers, 4:05 p.m., CBS
  • Week 4: Oct. 4 vs. Cardinals, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 5: Oct. 11 at Falcons, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 6: Oct. 18 vs. Bears, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 7: Oct. 25 at Saints, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 8: Oct. 29 vs. Falcons (Thursday Night Football), 8:20 p.m., Fox, NFLNetwork and Amazon
  • Week 9: Nov. 8 at Chiefs, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 10: Nov. 15 vs. Buccaneers, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 11: Nov. 22 vs. Lions, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 12: Nov. 29 at Vikings, 1 p.m., Fox
  • Week 13: BYE WEEK
  • Week 14: Dec. 13 vs. Broncos, 1 p.m., CBS
  • Week 15: Dec. 19 OR Dec. 20 at Packers, TBD
  • Week 16: Dec. 27 at Redskins, 1 p.m., CBS
  • Week 17: Jan. 3 vs. Saints, 1 p.m., Fox