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2017 NFL Draft Bold Moves That Could Change Betting Odds

With the 2017 NFL Draft just over a few hours away, several teams are positioning themselves to make some bold moves that could change the 2017 odds for many teams, whether they have a high draft pick or not. Now, let’s find out what some of these bold, NFL betting odds-altering moves could be. Here’s […]

Five Things To Know About The Upcoming 2017 NFL Schedule

When it comes to the recent release of the 2017 NFL regular season schedule and how it could affect a number of teams in their quests for Super Bowl 52 success, there are a multitude of important things that NFL betting aficionados need to know. That’s where I come in. Thanks to the expert gridiron […]

Best & Worst Picks Based On The 2017 NFL Schedule

With the 2017 NFL regular season we are looking to find out which teams will likely succeed and which ones could fail, based solely on their respective schedules for the upcoming regular season, then is the place to be! You see, thanks to the expert NFL betting analysis that you’re about to get on a […]

NFL Schedules In 2017 Highlight Five Teams With Tough Ways To Go

The 2017 NFL regular season may still be months away from getting started, but last week’s release of the 2017 schedule has revealed that several teams will be fighting an uphill battle to win Super Bowl 52 because of their difficult 2017 dockets. Thanks to this look at the teams with the five toughest schedules […]

Best and Worst Games to Bet On This 2017 NFL Season

The 2017 NFL schedule was released last Thursday. We already knew the opponents for each team, but it’s still almost like a national holiday when we found out exactly when teams play one another. Here’s a look a few of the best and worst games on the schedule. No early NFL odds out yet other […]

2017 NFL Draft Odds And Number Of Players Selected

If you’re suffering from ‘pro football withdrawal’ and you just can’t wait until the start of the 2017 regular season, then you’re in luck! With 2017 NFL draft less than a month away, NFL enthusiasts like you can now make NFL Draft odds wagers for the first time ever. Better yet, thanks to the 2017 […]

NFL Draft Odds Picks Highlight Position Picks

Is the Clemson superstar signal-caller Deshaun Watson going to be the first quarterback drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft? In addition to Watson, how many other quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round? Do you know how many running backs will be drafted in the first round or how many players from perennially powerful Alabama […]

5 NFL Draft Betting Predictions

The 2017 NFL Draft begins on April 27 in Philadelphia. We will have bettors covered with several draft props – this year, incidentally, it’s also legal for the first time to bet on the draft in Nevada. Here are five NFL draft betting predictions that this writer feels confident about. 5 NFL Draft Betting Predictions Myles […]

2017 NFL Mock Draft Picks That Could Reshape Odds To Win Super Bowl 52

The 2017 NFL Draft is held in Philadelphia this year and starts on April 27. In order to be eligible to enter the draft, players must be at least three years removed from high school. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft was January 16. My story assignment here was to write about […]