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Pat McAfee Leaves Barstool and Becomes MyBookie Affiliate

In 2017, Pat McAfee told his parents that he no longer wanted to kick punts in the NFL and instead wanted to make a living on the internet. After the gasps and oohs and aahhs, McAfee did exactly that, signing a deal with Barstool Sports.

McAfee’s made another huge move in 2018 by leaving Barstool Sports and str iking out on his own. Because he’s a MyBookie affiliate, we thought it important to spread the word on all things Pat McAfee.

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Pat McAfee Left the NFL to Pursue a Passion

Sure, Pat McAfee was just a punter for the Indianapolis Colts, but, man, what a punter! McAfee improved virtually every season in the NFL. Because he was only 29, McAfee could have played for another decade if he wanted to.

He didn’t. After the 2016 season, McAfee decided to pursue a passion. So, instead of preparing for the 2017 NFL Season, he struck up a deal with Barstool Sports. As McAfee says it, he didn’t feel that the NFL was for “guys like me” anymore. Not only that, he had a falling out with Colts’ GM Ryan Grigson.
“It became very notable, the last conversation the GM and I had I released it on my first episode of the Pat McAfee Show 2.0,” McAfee said. “He hated everything about me, basically. That wasn’t a fun working relationship, I didn’t enjoy that.”

Although the NFL had become the No Fun League to Pat McAfee, he had been having fun when not booting punts. “I was doing stand-up comedy in the offseason, and we sold like 10,000 tickets in the state of Indiana in like 35 seconds or something. I was just getting to the point where I was getting true fulfillment off the field, whether from doing philanthropical things or telling dumb stories about myself, I just fell out of love with the business side of the NFL,” McAfee said.

The NFL’s loss became Barstool Sports’ gain.

Why did McAfee Leave Barstool Sports?

So, if things were going so well at Barstool Sports, why did Pat McAfee leave? The reason is more a testament to his character than anything else.

Per McAfee, “It was honestly just, whenever you’re doing a 50/50 revenue split with somebody who’s 713 miles away, there’s always some sort of trust thing that could happen. And with how big Dave and Erika had guided Barstool Sports to become, the business side blew up as well. Deals were getting pulled and made without my knowledge. And the original deal was just full transparency; I wanted to learn the business. With how big it got, Dave and Erika never expected and I never expected when I signed on with them, it just became something that the waters got a little bit muddied.”
Pretty much what McAfee’s saying is that he doesn’t do two podcasts a week so that he can become a giant star and get the next huge deal. Pat does his podcast because it’s fun, a passion, and he’s a natural comedian.

The Pat McAfee Show’s Changing Things

Sure, sports talk radio has been around forever, but it’s a big challenge to find anyone who’s ever done sports talk quite like Pat McAfee. The difference? Authenticity. McAfee doesn’t pretend to know everything. He’s also not afraid to give his opinion and he does it only the way a comedian can.
Check out this podcast from Sep. 25 where Pat talks about how he lost money on the under because of the NFL’s new no touching the quarterbacks rule.

The MyBookie and Pat McAfee

Instead of us telling you, why not check out what Pat thinks about his relationship with MyBookie:
“MyBookie has become an incredible partner. They sponsor my studio, so I get a chance to release a podcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays. MyBookie has stepped up in incredible ways so that we can continue our operation of providing content for the people. We also have a Beat Pat McAfee Challenge. It’s been an incredible partnership, and MyBookie has really stepped up to the plate and helped me and my team here.”

The latest Beat Pat McAfee Challenge required bettors to bet over or under how many cornholes he could hit in 5 minutes. The total for the challenge was 20.5.

Although he’s no longer with Barstool, McAfee has no hard feelings. In fact, he’s grateful. “And hopefully I’ll be able to take that (what he learned at Barstool) with incredible partners like MyBookie and SeatGeek and DraftKings, and hopefully just do everything I can for them so we have a great relationship moving forward. To be honest, that’s what the internet’s all about, it’s all about having great business relationships, and I’m very grateful for the one with MyBookie. And that’s what Barstool taught me.”

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