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NBA Draft Odds, 2021 Draft Odds, Props, Futures | NBA Draft Betting

NBA Draft Odds, 2021 Draft Odds, Props, Futures | NBA Draft Betting

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2021 NBA Draft Odds, Draft Prop Bets

NBA Draft Odds, Draft Prop Bets

The NBA draft is an annual event in which the teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) can draft players who are eligible and wish to join the league. Players eligible are typically college basketball players, but international players are also eligible to be drafted. Here at MyBookie we offer odds on a variety of fun NBA Draft options that commonly occur like the Draft Lottery (order of selection), players teams may draft and many much more prop bets, which you can watch live through NBA TV & ESPN, we also provide odds on all the main US Pro Sports, including the NFL Draft, MLB Draft & NHL Draft. So why not make some money this year and make your mock draft picks turn into real cash, Good Luck in the Draft.

NBA News & Rumors: Tony Ronzone Fired, Terry Stotts On The Hot Seat & LaMelo Ball Soon to Be Back

NBA News & Rumors: Tony Ronzone Fired, Terry Stotts On The Hot Seat & LaMelo Ball Soon to Be Back

We have reached the point in the NBA season where the battle for playoff spots intensifies. We have something a little different this season, as we will have play-in games in both the East and West, with only the top 6 in each conference assured of a playoff position. It is a move that has proven to be rather divisive in terms of opinions, but it is likely to be here to stay if it proves to be a successful venture. Playoff positioning aside, there is a lot going on in the world of the NBA, so let’s take a peek at our weekly roundup of news and rumors. That said, let’s jump right into action so you can keep placing your bets against their NBA odds.

2021 NBA Betting News & Rumors April 20th Edition

There is no room in sports, or modern society for that matter, for people who alleged to have engaged in sexual assault. Last summer, Dallas Mavericks director of player personnel Tony Ronzone was accused of sexual assault in Las Vegas during the NBA summer league. Ronzone was allowed to keep his position while the incident was investigated, but after receiving new information on the case, the Mavericks decided to pull the trigger and fire their employee. Ronzone maintains through his lawyer that the allegations are baseless, but the Mavericks have decided to move on.

At the end of each season, and sometimes before the end, teams make the decision to move on from their head coach. The Atlanta Hawks made that move early in the season and have reaped the dividends, but which team will be next to make a coaching change. If the rumors are to be believed, then it may well be Terry Stotts of the Portland Trail Blazers who is sitting on the hottest head coaching seat. The Trail Blazers have been a disaster on defense, despite making numerous moves to shore things up, and now look like a team that has given up. That could be bad news for Stotts.

LaMelo Ball, who was very much in the Rookie of the Year conversation, saw his season put in jeopardy on March 20 after suffering a wrist injury against the Clippers. The fracture has kept him out of action for a month, but it looks as though he might be ready to make his return. Word is that the Charlotte Hornets are close to clearing him for activity and that he could be back on the court in the next 7-10 days. This is all assuming that there are no setbacks along the way, which could then potentially bring his season to an end.

When a player routinely racks up points and sets the tone with triple-doubles, we can get a little used to seeing it happen and perhaps not give said player the credit he deserves. Over the past few years, Russell Westbrook has been the poster child for the triple-double, doing it with such regularity that we almost come to expect it. He did it again on Monday night to little fanfare, but it now means that he is the only player in NBA history to achieve multiple triple-double outings against every team in the league. That is an achievement that deserves some serious recognition.

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